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15 Engagement Tips You Need To Learn Now

Brooke Collits Mar 13, 2019
The moment when a couple in love is ready to declare their feelings and intention to marry, is one of the most meaningful and exciting life moments for them and for their families.

Special Engagement Ring

Although every man knows that the ring is a ‘must have’ element of engagement procedure, the majority of them have no idea of its true value for their chosen parties.

Girls dream about this moment their entire life when their hand will be decorated with this seemingly ordinary thing (as the boys think).

Your Speech

It could be surprising for you, but presenting the rings is not the ultimate goal of your engagement. The words you are going to say has the same meaning as the ring since they will be a part of your family’s history.

Rest assured, you’ll hear them more than once as an exciting love story that your bride retells to your children, grandchildren etc.

Sincerity: Be Yourself

The point of attention is placed just next to the ‘speech’ not accidentally. Trying to impress the party with an incredible declaration of love, the men often overplay with creativity.

We beg you, do not use the different types of engagement cliche! Remember, it is your individual moment. Listen to your heart and let your emotion to dictate you the words.

Engagement Place

Instead of opting for a restaurant venue, you should consider traditions. In many cultures, engagement is preferred at the bride’s home.

Even if you are an extremely modern guy, in this exalted moment you have to follow traditions. You need to be ready to understand the bride’s desire to invite you with your family to her parents’ home.

Your Engagement ‘Company’

The cultural aspect, especially when you are going to engage with the girl from the culture different from yours. In some nations, it's important that the quantity of bridegroom’s guests should not be an even number.

Some traditions require participation of the man’s family only in the engagement ceremony, while others allow inviting the friends too.

Ritual Sayings

Often there are special phrases you or your parents should say while entering the bride’s house. Something like “You have the goods and we have the buyer”.

It is a Slavonic tradition and it could have multiple interpretations. You should know this code phrase so that you are not confused in front of the bride’s family.

Obligatory Symbolical Elements

According to the mentioned Slavonic tradition, the bride’s family should come having the bread. Some cultures emphasize the need for flowers to the bride and her mothers.

Cookies, wine, pie or anything else – you should know exactly without what you will look like a barbarian not a bridegroom.

Engagement Order

The ceremony has its procedure considering the place and consequences. At home, it could have one order of things, in the restaurant – this order can be different.
There are two important points you should consider. If your families are not familiar with each other, consider the order of introducing (who should be introduced first, next etc).

Find out when and how the bridegroom should ask the bride’s father about the allowance to marry his daughter (if should).


Besides the engagement rings, flowers and obligatory elements the families exchange gifts. You should have presents for each member of the bride’s family.

The nature of gifts varies but mostly they are symbolical enough and the couple chooses them together to satisfy the interests of everybody.

Attuning the ‘Engagement Company’

To avoid possible confusion caused by strange environment, you should depict all known nuances about the family of your bride, traditions, culture, expectations.

In such way, you will allow your closest people to experience their first unexpected reactions before the climax moment and avoid unnecessary emotional load.

Points for Couple’s Attention

1. Play with one accord: Agree on controversial issues before the occasion.

2. Support each other: Nothing ever could be ideal, smooth over the failure of your party.

3. Exchange with the families: Worry about the feelings of your party’s families, not yours. It will help to be less biased.
4. Promote the ease atmosphere: It is the communication of different personalities but not a play limited with your strict scenario.

5. Be happy and do not be afraid of our engagement tips. It is your day, and you choose what should be considered and what is less important for you!