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6 Month Anniversary

6 Month Anniversary
Is it your 6 month anniversary? I'm sure you're stoked about celebrating it with the one you love, and really showing him/her how much they mean to you on this day. It is no easy feat to complete 6 months; this write-up will help you on how to plan your day on ways to make it exceptional...
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An anniversary is a time of coming together, and looking on the past couple of months with mixed emotions. It will consist of a tornado of events - fights, good times and bad, fun moments, and those filled with the thrill of a new relationship. It takes a lot of tirelessness to overcome the hurdles of a relationship, and once you hit that 6 month mark, it is more of an achievement than anything else. It takes two to make it work, and if you've made it to your 6 month, I applaud you. I hope that the 6 month anniversary ideas here will aid you in making your anniversary a gratifying day, with the one you love.
Six Month Anniversary Gift Ideas
There's a lot that goes into planning the perfect anniversary; there's the anniversary present, drawing up a plan for the day and more. A step by step guide on how to go about your momentous day is what you need. When planning an anniversary, you need to first collect all your thoughts into a bowl in your mind. Think back to the times when you two were getting to know each other better, and recall the things he/she said about what they like/love. 
It could be a favorite band, something they've always wanted, a place they've been dying to visit, a hobby, etc. Once you retrieve all these minor details, it is best to jot them down in case they fleet away. In this way you get to analyze your list and come up with constructive yet heartfelt ways on giving him/her an anniversary gift that they would surely appreciate.
  • Perfumes: (Him/Her) Keep a track of what he/she wears and remember their favorite scent.
  • Flowers: (Her) Girls adore flowers, but try and remember which one she likes best - if you aren't sure, it is nice to surprise her with something unusual like sunflowers, orchids, lilies or gardenia.
  • Customized Gifts: (Him/Her) Customized mugs, tee-shirts, key chains, rugs, coasters or posters - trust me, this will work wonders in terms of classic reactions. Remember - when someone sees their favorite icons in the form personalized gifts, they usually go nuts over it.
  • Books: (Him/Her) Keep a track of what they like to read; maybe a favorite author or non-fiction category like art, music, design, graphic novels etc., and accordingly get it. Don't make a mistake of giving books if they hate reading.
  • CDs/DVDs: (Him/Her) Knowing what he/she listens to is important, you can keep a track of what they have and add to their collection a CD, (also keep a track of new releases that they don't have on CD).
  • Movies: (Him/Her) There are always those kind of movies that make you want to curl up and watch again for the 20th time; keep a track of what those movies are and buy it so that he/she can watch it all the time, anytime.
  • Spa Treatment: (Her) The perfect pampering getaway for any girl - treat her to a whole day of spa treatments where she feels nothing less than a spoiled princess.
  • Gaming CDs: (Him) If he happens to own a gaming console, I suggest you get familiar with what kind of games he likes/wishes he had. Surprise him pronto.
  • Stuffed Toys: (Her) Not a big fan of the stuffed toy, but it can be cute enough to give her one so that she is reminded of you, or she could even cuddle with it at night when you aren't around.
  • Lingerie: (Her) The one thing a girl loves, is a nice pair of lingerie. Nothing too over the top and ghastly please, remember her favorite colors and please make sure you know her size. You wouldn't want a two sizes too small/two sizes too big situation on your hands.
  • Pets: (Him/Her) A pet is a nice gift to give someone who is fond of them. Make sure he/she doesn't have parents who disapprove. If he/she lives alone, then you have the liberty to get him/her a pet they've always wanted. Birds work best since they can be caged and aren't messy to take care of. Forget about giving him/her a tank full of fish - doesn't seem very appropriate as an anniversary present.
  • Chocolates: (Him/Her) It's nice when someone gives you a box of chocolates 'if' you're a choco-holic. Find out if he/she likes chocolates and then arrange for them. They can be the usual sweet milk-based, dark/white chocolate or the winning choice - liquor chocolates.
  • Jewelry: (Him/Her) Not all girls go gaga over it, so make sure your chick is the kind to indulge in shiny things. Don't choose anything that will tarnish over time - it shows that you didn't think she was worth the real thing. Some guys like bling, so find out if your man has a thing for interesting pieces that he'd love to wear.
  • Shoes: (Him/Her) Girls and guys alike, will fall head over heels when a pair of shoes is thrust in their direction. It is imperative that you know what type of shoes he/she prefers. Pay attention to what they frequently spend on/wear.
  • Gadgets: (Him/Her) Who doesn't love a gizmo that keeps you occupied all day with its numerous features? Find out what kind of new toy he/she would like to own or what really needs to be replaced, being so outdated.
I hope these anniversary gift ideas come in handy when selecting what kind of gift would go best with your anniversary plans. You have a whole day to look forward to, so choose wisely. You wouldn't want him/her frowning all day at your tasteless gift.
6 Month Anniversary Date Ideas
After you've selected the perfect gift, it's time to put together a day of fun and memories. Think of a favorite place he/she likes to eat/hangout at, and plan your day around it.
  • If you want to spend all day outside, doing a series of things to fill out the whole time you two have together seems like a nice idea. You can start with breakfast at a good joint, followed by a trip to the amusement park/arcade followed by a movie and dinner.
  • If you're on a budget and that idea seems a little extreme, then opt to meet later in the evening to watch a movie at home, and then push off for dinner/lunch to a place that both of you like where the food and ambiance are top-notch or quaint. Remember to make reservations even if it is just lunch. Places can get jam-packed no matter what day of the week; stay on the safe side and book tables in advance.
  • If the anniversary falls in between the week, discuss it with each other to celebrate it during the weekend instead, when both are relaxed. If your schedule seems to clash with either school/college/work - push it to a later date but be sure to stick to it.
  • You can surprise him/her by decorating a place up all by yourself before they get home. This works for those who have keys to their partner's homes, and can be there before they return. For those of you in school/college, get people in on the plans and decorate either his/her room up (if his/her parents are willing that is) or the school/college canteen if you're bold enough to be so open about it.
  • Celebrating it with friends seems like a fun idea, but remember that this is no ordinary day, and you two need this time alone without your friends having to use the opportunity to take it as a treat.
  • Take him/her on a night out-of-town and give them a weekend to remember. It could either be a bed and breakfast, cottage clusters on a hilltop, resort or just a little place away from home for a seclusive getaway.
  • Rent out a place where just the two of you can enjoy each others company, like a skating rink, bowling alley or museum with an overhead montage of stars, galaxies etc., it will really be an unforgettable day if you can pull it off.
  • Going for a concert/musical event/play together, where both of you are equally huge fans would give you two a chance to connect on familiar ground. It helps in the bonding process.
Anniversaries mark not only the time that two spend together, but what embodies the whole relationship. It gives one a chance to acknowledge the others commitment and time put into making it work. I once knew a guy who didn't even know the date of the anniversary no matter how many times he was reminded of it. His girlfriend ended up remembering it, not caring that he hadn't bothered with a gift. It was a whole day on the road with a lot of drama midway; I remember she gave him a bouquet of blue and purple roses. It was probably weird for a girl to do that, but no one ever said the act couldn't be reversed as part of gift giving.
"Three things can't be hidden: coughing, poverty, and love." - Yiddish Proverb.
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