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9 Strategies to Increase the Quality of Mutual Relationships

Humayun Kabir Jun 24, 2019
Any emotional relationship is like a growing tree, which needs to grow nicely by daily service. That means mutual emotions, love, attraction, reliance will not grow spontaneously. Sincere efforts are very essential to continue mutual relationships. Here are 9 strategies to better the quality of mutual relationships.

1. Time

Spend time even only a couple of hours. Try to enjoy with each other at the time, have fun, explore each other, talk about day-to-day life. Even for a short time, the uninterrupted attention and priority of the companions helps the partners to feel important and increases their self-confidence.

2. Respect

Mutual respect is one of the most important things for qualitative relationships. Be careful about your companion's self-respect when you talk.

3. Praise

Kindly praise the small and the best work your partner does every day. In addition to encouraging, praising or recognizing others proves as the companion's attention to good aspects.

4. Express your affection and love

Every day, express your affection and love towards your companion in various ways. Every person goes through various types of 'vulnerability'. Loving loved ones 'refuge' helps us to deal with our weakness.

5. Spend time together

Keep time for your companion for at least one day of the week despite being busy. Go out together, move around, enjoy together. Talk about positive things, not about problems when spending time together. These small habits help to bring diversity in life and remove fatigue.

6. Give a gift

If you want to win your companion's heart, give gifts occasionally. Try to understand your companion's choice. For example, if he/she likes music, you can give a CD or knows to play a musical instrument, you can gift instruments like a guitar, ukulele, piano. You can also gift flowers, dresses, jewelry, cards, etc.

7. Be tactful in dealing with conflict

In a romantic relationship, some unexpected things and conflicts may also be present. Don't show unnecessary reactions and hurt mentally. Don't talk in a way that your companion feels challenged.

Accept some limitations on the companion's personality which can’t be altered. Adjustment is the art of mutual relationships.

8. Talk openly

Love, honesty, transparency, belief, responsibility, and reliance on each other makes complex life easy. Talk freely to each other, keep a sense of humor, and have the mentality of taking the opinion of others apart from your own opinion.

9. Create friendship

When friendship adds to a relationship, the stability and sweetness of the relation increases. Share things like family, your childhood experiences, your past, interests, work, life-thinking, future plans, and show interest in these things of your partner, too.