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Am I in Love Quiz

Medha Godbole Mar 12, 2019
This content, which has a 'love quiz' is for those who want to know if they are love struck, and hopefully it would be able to sort out the dilemma in their mind.
He loves me, He loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not. You pick petals. Why torture the poor flower? The flower, would most probably not be able to tell you if you are in love. But your mind cannot be pacified unless you get the answer to the ever important question "am I in love"? You are all zapped.
What is the way out? Well, one way out is to speak about it with someone you trust, and are very close to. Another, a bit frivolous but which may give you some precious insights on whether cupid has struck you, is to take an online quiz.
So, are you ready for some questions being hurled at you? Give them a shot, may be it could help you get the answer to this mind-boggling question.


Q 1
Do you think your day is incomplete without listening to his/her voice?

Yes or No
Q 2
If the person you love dies (god forbid), what would you do?

  1. It would be regrettable, but I'd carry on
  2. I would end my life
  3. I would grieve for months
Q 3
Do you think communication is about making your partner agree with you?

Yes or No
Do I know the color of the person's eyes?

Yes or no, wait! They're brown, no blue, no green.
Q 5
Do you think he/she is the right person for you?

Yes or No
Q 6
Does a smile come to your face, when a thought about him/her comes in your mind?

Yes or No, Sometimes
Q 7
What is the most important thing in your relationship for you?

  1. Sex
  2. Trust
  3. Adventure
  4. Mystery
Q 8
What would you choose between - your partner or your family and friends?

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Partner
These were just a few of the questions which, when you answer, might give you a clue to your dilemma.
Obviously, this is one of those umpteen online quizzes, and you need not take it very seriously. The result depends on what answer you select and if you select all 'yes', for instance, you are surely going to be touted as being in love.

Knowing if One is in Love

For sometime, keep aside this quiz. Think of what your feelings are. It is also necessary to know whether it is just that you crave for physical intimacy, or you are looking for a solid mental and emotional support.
If you are thinking more in terms of the former, then, maybe it is not love. If it is the latter, you could be in love. If you are able to be yourself and that person's presence makes you feel comfortable and secure, that means the cupid has got the better of you. Observe whether you are more of yourself when with the person than you are with anybody else.
You should remember that it is not a rule that if you love someone, that person would love you back. Furthermore, it is said that, if it is true love you should be prepared to let go. Or if you cannot do that, then you can try to get the person to love you back through your actions.
These and umpteen more things are involved in this confusing issue of love. A simple quiz may not be able to get you out of this super entangled web of thoughts and emotions. You would need to probe deep inside to unveil that wonderful feeling called love.