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How to Ask a Girl to Prom

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 12, 2019
Have you decided to ask your long-term crush to go to the prom with you? How are you going to approach her?
When the teacher announced the date for the annual prom, your eyes probably flicked towards one particular girl. Your eyes have been flicking towards her quite often, lately. You do not always need a reason to eye that very cute girl in your class.
However, now, you have got a reason. The prom night has been announced, and it is the ideal time to go and talk to her.
All this time you haven't been sure what to say, but now you have a topic: the annual prom. If she's really pretty, you'd better be quick, before someone asks her first.

Asking Someone to the Prom

The prom has given you the perfect excuse to go up to that girl, and talk. The problem is how. You've never spoken to that girl. You're not sure if she knows you even exist. You don't even know if she's already going out with someone else. This means that you have a lot to do, and very less time! So here are some basic, quick steps and ideas to do it right.

Step #1: Get to Know Her

Unless you're a Robert Pattinson or a Zac Efron (in case of looks, of course), the chances are quite less, that a girl will go to the prom with a complete stranger. So, you need to get acquainted, and introduce the girl to some of your brighter aspects. If you get to know her, you could be funny or intelligent, or probably sing a song if that's your talent.
The key is to introduce her to your most likable side. If you yourself do not know what your most pleasing aspect is, ask your friends what they like most about you. A girl keeps her options open.
If you're not good-looking, you're probably funny. If you're not funny, you're probably intelligent. If you're not intelligent, you're probably plain nice and charming. You can use one of these qualities to get to know her.

Step #2: Knowing If the Answer is No

As you get to know her, you'll gradually realize if she's really into you or not. There are some subtle hints she'll give you, which mean buzz off. The most obvious one is when she doesn't entertain your interest in her.
If she keeps looking elsewhere, doesn't pay attention, or doesn't laugh at your best joke, she's probably going to say no. She probably thinks you're wasting time, and probably wants to ask someone else out herself. If she has a boyfriend, she'll probably see right through you, and not entertain you at all.
So you need to know when to back out, and not make a fool of yourself. Sure, you like her a lot, but when a girl wants to say no, her body language says it before she does.

Step #3: When the Answer is Yes

If she gives you none of the aforementioned signs, you can heave a sigh of relief. The answer may still be no, but you can improve it with a little work. Let's face it; it will be difficult to coax her away from her friends.
So, you're just going to have to be friends with the rest of her gang as well. This has its share of advantages; you'll be seen as someone bold and courageous.
If you impress a couple of her friends, they might do you a favor (You do not ask them to. If they want to, they will.) by making a favorable recommendation to her. If she smiles at you every time you see her, if she feels comfortable walking up to you and saying hello, you're doing a good job.

Step #4: The Final Step

If you're really good friends by now, you could probably be upfront with her. Suggest the idea casually. Do not make it look like you're really into her, or you're looking forward to dating. Don't mention a long term relationship. No roses, no going down on knees, and no drama at all. Just make it a point to look your best that day, and be presentable.
Simply toss the idea in the middle of a conversation. It might be a good idea to first inquire if she already has a date for the prom. If you want creative ideas, you could probably sneak a letter into her locker. A simple poem, about how you think she's really sweet, would do. Just slip it into her locker or bag.
If you're confident that she really likes you, you could get a little cheeky, and make her search for you. Write an anonymous letter, and keep slipping her the clues. However, this will work only if you know that she likes you back. If she doesn't, she probably won't give a hoot.

Step #5: The Face-off

The final confrontation is quite unavoidable. If the girl wants to say yes, she will come, and ask you to explain the poem or note you have slipped into her locker. Be prepared, because if you're not, you'll only stammer and look silly.
Make up a speech if you think you need to, but be prepared with something sweet and effective. She's on the fence, it's your job to pull her into your yard, and not push her out on the road. You can only do that by being sweet and smart, at the same time.
These are the basic steps you need to take while asking a girl to the prom. It pays to have a back-up plan ready if her answer is no. If she comes to you, and says no, make sure you can do something to save face. Be prepared for that eventuality too. You don't want to end up crying in front of her. Ensure that you maintain the friendship at least.