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The Average Marriage Ages Around the World are Sure to Surprise You

Charlie S Oct 29, 2018
To be hitched or not to be hitched is the rising question these days. It is no doubt then, that the average marriage age is at an all-time high.
For a minute, let's take a step back into the past. The norm then was to see young people getting married in their 20s. Girls specifically were betrothed as soon as they have bid goodbye to their teens.
Fast forward to the present age, where men and women alike are more concerned about developing their own careers and being successful before actually deciding to settle down. Better put, it points towards the need to settle down professionally than personally, thus resulting in a fall in the marriage rate and a rise in the marriage age.
Call it a lifestyle change or simply a fad that's here to stay, young men and women prefer to cohabit with their partners rather than tying the knot early on in life.
Let's just assume the generation dreads the 'M' word and hence runs miles away from it. Another good justification is that people do not wish to compromise on their dreams and aspirations. The result, the average marriage age has constantly been on the rise.
In the U.S. alone the trend of late marriages has seen a steady rise. As per statistics, the average marriage age for a woman in the 90s was 23.9 while that for a man was 26.1; this continued to rise for a few years till 2007 to be precise, when it reached 26 years for women and 27 (+/- 2 years) for men.
There was a slight drop in the marriage age in 2008, after which the upsurge continued. The average marriage age in America (both North and South America) hovers around 27 years for women and 29 years for men.

Average Marriage Age

Men: 35.6 ║ Women: 32.6

Men: 32.9 ║ Women: 30.4

Men: 32 ║ Women: 29.2

Men: 31 ║ Women: 29.5

Men: 31.1 ║ Women: 29.1

Men: 31.9 ║ Women: 28.8

Men: 31.6 ║ Women: 26.8

Men: 31.1 ║ Women: 28.1

Men: 30.9 ║ Women: 27.5
Men: 30.7 ║ Women: 28.5

Men: 30.6 ║ Women: 28.6

Men: 30.5 ║ Women: 28.8

Men: 30 ║ Women: 28.5

New Zealand
Men: 29.2 ║ Women: 27.1
Men: 28.9 ║ Women: 26.6

Men: 28 ║ Women: 25.7

Men: 27.9 ║ Women: 27

Men: 27.5 ║ Women: 26.4

Men: 26.7 ║ Women: 23.4

Men: 26 ║ Women: 22.2