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7 Benefits of Getting Married at a Young Age That No One Told You

7 Benefits of Getting Married at a Young Age
In today's day and age, the number of people marrying late is increasing. The notion that marrying young can be a big mistake is rising, but we're going against this norm and listing out some good reasons on why you should tie the knot early.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
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Knotty Fact
According to a survey by the wedding website The Knot, in the year 2014, in the U.S., the average age of brides was found to be 29, whereas the average age of grooms was 31.
She's 20 and he's 23, may be they met each other a few months back and fell head over heels for each other, or may be were high school sweethearts and have been in love ever since they set eyes on each other. He proposed and she said yes, but not everyone seems very happy about it!
Almost everyone's trying to drop subtle hints that may be, it's too much of a whirlwind. Father says, "I think you should wait till you finish college". Best friends are asking them to slow down; they say there are plenty of fish in the sea. But the heart wants what the heart wants.
With all the skepticism around people marrying young, we're here to list out some advantages on marrying young. Not that we're advising everyone to get married at a young age, but if you think you have found the right person, have the level of maturity, patience, and the will to evolve with your partner then, why not.
Fewer Heartbreaks and Lesser Heartaches
fewer heartbreaks
Early marriage means less heart breaks
Lucky are the ones who find "the one" and realize it in time! When you know what you have is real and may be once-in-a-lifetime love, you tend not to be stupid and mess it up or break up over petty issues. Once you get married, this is it! No need to look around, no more heartbreaks, and no more tears. You'll never regret for the one that got away, because there he is happily snoring next to you or digging his belly button on the couch.
Friend For Life
friends for life
Early marriage makes spouse best friend
You got married at a time when you just started out, you didn't have anything, and your career hasn't kick started yet. At times like these, there are a lot of apprehensions and self-doubt as to what the future might hold. Your spouse might be the only person whom you could confide in, and he/she would understand because he/she is going through the same. At the end of the day, you're in this together.
Carefree Memories
carefree memories
Crazy memories a young couple makes
You've spent your crazy carefree days with each other. You have spent a lot of time doing things together, some great and some outrightly insane and have learned to laugh about them. May be with time, your crazy escapades may mellow down, but the bond you'll form in the process will be so special that you know that something similar can never be created with anyone else.
First-time Explorers
first time explorer
Young couple explore the world together
After working late nights and struggling to complete your education or getting ahead in your career, you have finally arrived at a place in your life where taking a vacation doesn't feel like a guilt trip anymore. You get the privilege of sharing your experience of being in a foreign land, enjoying their food and music, and experiencing their culture with someone who matters the most―your better half.
Start the Rest of Your Lives Sooner
rest of your live sooner
You couple make young parents
When you get married young, you get plenty of time to get to know each other, learn how to work as a team, and live your life without having to worry about the "biological clock ticking". After a few years of marriage, when you finally decide that it is time to go ahead and reproduce, you're still comparatively young. You'll have the opportunity to play and let the crazies out with your kids for a few good years without giving yourself a backache. This also means that you might get to see your grandkids graduate high school and laugh at your kids when their teenagers are giving them a hard time
Evolve Together
evolve together
Early marriage makes the couple grow up together
You've made the journey from a teeny rat-infested apartment to a house with white picket fences in the suburbs. Through your days of working two jobs to your big break, you've seen each other through your worst and shared every milestone and achievement. Instead of merging set-in-a-way lives together, you've evolved into individuals whose lives evolve around each other. From crazy-in-love kids to matured adults, you've grown up together.
You Just Know
you just know
There is no perfect age to get married
Life doesn't come with a manual. For some, finding "the one" may take a lifetime, while some might find true love in their high school sweethearts. Of course, a settled life and greater maturity may help to make the sailing easy, but it doesn't guarantee that the marriage may last forever. If you have the compatibility, the patience, and the sensibility to pull each other through the rocky waters, any time is a good time to tie the knot.
There may be many reasons for you to not get hitched soon. But only one reason you need to take the plunge is that you have found the love of your life.