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Candlelight Dinner Ideas to Incorporate New Radiance in Your Life

Naomi Sarah May 4, 2019
These candlelight dinner ideas will help you set the mood to something more sensual and romantic, that is sure to give him/her the idea that you care enough to take the trouble to go all out. Find out ways on how to make an occasion extra special by incorporating candlelight, to bring out the best in your plans...
Candlelight dinners have a certain romantic aura surrounding their effect, and give off a calmness that its light exudes. Maybe it's the dimness, or the flickering flames, or even maybe the way the essential oils it gives off smells - it all comes down to invoking different sensations.
Candlelight, unlike other sources of light, have the perfect hue of yellow that is more natural and comforting. It sets things in motion like a good conversation, a peaceful atmosphere and a sense of kicking back and relaxing.
It doesn't have to be all shirt and tie or a mini black strapless dress, but can have an informal element to it too. With these candlelight dinner ideas, rest assured that with the following suggestions, you'll truly pull off a fabulous romantic night of fun.

Ideas for a Candlelight Dinner

To set the mood right in the following dinner ideas for two, you need to first put together different items to make it rise above the mediocre, and look like you put some effort into it the ideas for dinner. No one likes a half-hearted job now, right? So here are some ideas for you...

Scented Candles

If there's one thing that girls love, is scented candles. When coming up with a romantic idea for two, you need to include these aromatic delights into your dinner setting.
A guy too, yes a guy too, will love the smell of cocoa, or honeycomb when he steps into the house/place you're decorating as a surprise. It automatically sets your mind at ease, unwinding those tensed muscles, so that you feel instantly rejuvenated by just whiffing those pleasant smelling candles.
Place these randomly around, keeping it simple yet beautiful. Don't leave them lying around too close to you, to avoid bumping into them. The last thing you need is something catching on fire, or candle wax burns. Don't permeate two candle scents into the air, and use just one kind of flavoring.
If you go with say lavender, then use the mini candles in pairs around the place, or the huge ones in singles in different corners of the area. Don't overdo the candle lighting, since the smell might get a little too strong when inhaled. Wondering what to eat?

Candle Stands

There are beautiful candle stands that you get in any store that houses home furnishings or home decorating items. Get a nice one, which holds roughly 5-7 candles (candles without aroma) that you can prop into the stands.
Place it on the dining table so that it highlights the eating area where you will be seated. Make sure it's facing the two of you as you sit side by side. You can sit face to face with the candle stand on one side and not right in the center, as it will obviously obstruct your view of each other.
Decorate the candle stand surrounding area, with fresh flowers in little neat bunches, and avoid high stemmed ones close to the flame (if that's what you prefer, place them a good distance away from the candles).
Red roses, are so passé. Go with something more interesting like blue roses or purple, or even flowers like lilies or orchids. It's in with the new and out with the old, unless you're old-fashioned and prefer red roses, which is still an okay idea.
No harm experimenting though with these romantic candlelight dinner ideas. The reason why to use fresh flowers and not scented candles, is that the subtle fragrance of the flowers filters through the air instead.

Dinner in Bed

Nothing explicit here, so calm down. Let's skip out on the usual let's-do-the-romantic-dinner-in-the-dining-room for now. Decorate the room with aromatic candles, and look for colored glass that you can encase these in. 
Use one color only, and cover only some candles, so that the room has a slight glow emanating of another color, and doesn't look like the two of you are shrouded in it completely.

Dinner with Lanterns

This would work great for fixing dinner in the backyard or in your porch, and placing lanterns around so that the candlelight doesn't get extinguished.
Make sure that you do this when there are no other light sources coming in, ruining the effect of your candlelight dinner at home.
Besides these ideas for candlelight dinners, you can even try out these added suggestions, eliminating the act of doing the same idea over and over again.
You could try the following candle ideas as well.
  • Image oriented/designed candle holders that reflect shadows when lighted.
  • Rotating candle holders that cast moving shadows of images.
  • Floating candles with interesting shapes/colors. (you can place these in the pool area if you have one, or use little water bowls filled with water and floating petals.
  • Artificial candles (comes with effects like slow dimming, and is available in a range of colors)
With these candlelight dinner ideas, you'll surely have a good thing going, provided you really put your heart into it. These dinner ideas, using candlelight, will help you come up with something feasible, and innovative at the same time. Don't forget the wine!