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Catholic Marriage Counseling Questions

Sheetal Mandora Feb 20, 2019
Counseling can help a couple save their marriage and find a way to build a more healthier relationship. Read on to find some basic questions that are asked during the sessions.
How an individual perceives life, interacts with family members, friends, and other people, handles responsibilities at work and home, and deals with everyday elements of life will depend on the upbringing provided at an early age. The values that are embedded in us from childhood help in shaping us into who we are today.
The philosophy towards marriage is that a commitment made for life can never be broken, even with divorce. They take their first steps towards this commitment in front of God, and no exterior element can dissolve it.
Breaking up a family, no matter which God you believe in, is never a solution. But some couples feel that instead of going through this difficult time, they'd rather get divorced and move on with their lives. It may work for some people, but at times, that could not be the sole resolution.
What counseling does is that it gives you an opportunity to work your issues from a different side. The questions and issues talked about in the sessions are designed to help you get a better perspective of who you are and what your role is in your marriage. Both of you will be given some tips that will help you save your marriage from the worse.

Commonly Asked Questions

Even though our concentration is more towards Catholic beliefs and what steps they can take to save their marriage, other religions and cultures have somewhat similar ideologies as well. Going in for marriage counseling is a good idea when a couple honestly feels that they have some unresolved issues to work on.

Relationship Questions

  1. Why do you want to make your marriage work?
  2. Do you believe in divorce?
  3. Do you love your spouse?
  4. Do you find yourself constantly fighting about something?
  5. Do you respect each other equally?

Intimate Questions

  1. Are there any physical issues between you two?
  2. Do you feel you are physically satisfied in your marriage?
  3. Do you or your spouse have any physical issues that requires medical attention?
  4. Do you believe that your spouse is faithful with you?
  5. Are you comfortable talking to your spouse regarding your physical relationship?

Financial Questions

  1. Do you both work or just one of you?
  2. Are you concerned about the frivolous spending of your spouse?
  3. Are you currently in debt?
  4. Do you both take important financial decisions together?
  5. Are there any issues between the two of you due to finances?
If saving a marriage with the help of counseling can be possible, a couple should not turn away or be skeptical over it. Although there is no problem that can't be worked on, certain marital problems like physical abuse, infidelity, or trust may require more work than anticipated.

Does Counseling Help

To answer your question, all we would say is that it depends on the couple. If the couple is open about going in for the counseling, is willing to have an honest conversation with one another and the counselor, and genuinely wishes to work on their relationship, then the results will definitely be positive.
Just by thinking that you are committed to one another is not enough. In a marriage, every day is filled with challenges and a couple can be tested on them time and again.
Your job is to work on those challenges together and not take each other for granted. It takes a lot to make a marriage work and those who accept this theory will find it easier to get out of those hardships.
Those were some important questions you can expect if you decided to go for the sessions with your church. As for premarital counseling, the questions could be slightly different than the questions we stated here.