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Causes and Effects of Divorce

The Pitiful Causes and Devastating Effects of Divorce

Nowadays, dissolution of marriage is more the norm than ever before. The following article provides a list of some common causes and effects of divorce.
Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of successful marriages around the world. There are various reasons that lead to divorce. With the separation of the family, many major problems arise. This further leads to stressful conditions for the husband and wife, and results into circumstances that have traumatic effects on the child as well. The whole procedure is agonizing for everyone involved. It is not always the case that one person is unfaithful to another, that results into a divorce. Some of the things that cause a divorce can be just simple things like one of the two, or both, have lost interest in the relationship. Here's an attempt to put forth the major causes and effects that divorce has on the people involved.
Causes of Divorce
These reasons for divorce may not be true in your case, but they have been generally observed in many couples. Moreover, these are not necessarily the only reasons for divorce. Go through them, and try to identify the causes that apply to you.
No Trust: Lack of trust mostly arises from suspicion. Sometimes, it is nothing more than just imagination or fear that your spouse is cheating on you. If a person is caught cheating, it is very hard and sometimes impossible for the partner to trust him/her again. This deficiency of trust commonly rises in women after they have had children. They claim that their husbands don't find them attractive anymore. Such problems can be avoided by better communication.
Financial Difficulties: There are individuals who find it awkward to discuss money matters with anyone, even with their partner. So, if such a person is undergoing financial trouble, it will cause him a lot of stress, leading to further problems in the relationship. Also, families that have a good, stable income have a greater chance of not getting a divorce, even though people hate to admit it. This is one of the most common causes and reasons of divorce.
Addictions: Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are an undeniable part of our society today, and many married couples get addicted to such things. This leads to many other problems in the relationship. If you have such a problem, you should take professional help immediately.
Abuse: Addiction can lead to this problem. Abuse can be of various types like physical, sexual, or even mental. It can also have long-lasting effects on the victim of the abuse. It takes a lot of counseling, sincerity, focus, and commitment to change such a relationship.
Lack of Communication: You will be amazed at the number of problems that lack of communication can lead to. Although, many couples may deny having this relationship issue, it is quite common. On the other hand, many problems can be easily sorted out by good communication between the couple.
Effects and Consequences
The consequences of divorce can alter almost all about an individual's life, including where and with whom a person stays, their way of living, their joys, time spent with children, their assets and liabilities, and a lot more. Sometimes the effects can be good if you are ending an unhappy or abusive relationship. Other effects of divorce can be damaging to a person's entire life. However, the important thing to consider is how divorce affects the children. Every year, over 1 million American children suffer due to their parents' divorce. Not just that, half of these children experience this situation even before they become eighteen. The prominent effect on children is depression, or even nervous breakdown. They may even succumb to criminal activities. Children are usually sensitive, and are therefore, more susceptible to emotional damage. They might become short-tempered, destructive, isolated, etc.
Hence, it wouldn't be wrong to call divorce an irreversible decision. It is recommended that you take help of a counselor before jumping to conclusions and making rash decisions.
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