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Changes You Need to Face After You Get Married

Sai Kardile Jan 10, 2019
Change is a requisite course of nature; just like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly and becomes a new creature altogether, you too transition into a different person after marriage. We'll discuss the important changes that every person needs to face after he/she gets married.
"Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him."
― H.L. Mencken
Some of you had the grandiose wedding, some of you preferred the 'no-fuss' wedding, while some of you flew the coop and got hitched in a country pub; whatever may have been the place or circumstances under which you got married, the fact remains the same―your wagon is now hitched to someone else's. This is what you wanted, right? Yes you did.
All good things bring some changes with them; you have to learn to adapt to them. Does that mean things won't be that shipshape and shiny as they used to be? It's not that scary; when you transition from singledom to coupledom, there are some inevitable shifts that your life will experience as you enter the matrimonial kingdom. Read on to know more.

You Are Now Officially Man and Wife

The change happens the very moment when you're declared 'man' and 'wife'. These titles carry a certain level of solemnity, which can seem a bit funny initially.
This is because the person you knew before that moment is no longer that someone who just loved you, but someone who has made a promise to love you forever and stick with you through the thick and thin, it's REAL than it ever could be. That's the power of titles and the first big change after marriage.

Change of Goals

This is very natural, since sharing life with your spouse also means sharing each others dreams and goals. Traveling to different countries may have been your goal before marriage but after marriage, you may or may not get enough time to pursue that goal.
Sometimes you may even have to discard your goals, but it need not always be. You can always find ways to align yours with your spouse's so that none of you have to forgo your goals, and this can be achieved by balancing each others activities.


Before marriage, you probably never thought about saving money fastidiously and religiously, but enter your spouse and you will realize its significance. Bank accounts, assets, insurance, etc., count as operative words in your married life and you are now required to give saving a serious thought and involve your partner in decisions pertaining to finances.


It goes without saying that your priorities take a shift after you get married. Your spouse and your relationship become the focus of your life.
Gone are the days when you could just waltz off with your friends for dinner or skip a family gathering because you weren't up for it. 'I' was the focus of attention before marriage but after marriage 'we' becomes your prime focus. You are expected to put the needs and feelings of your spouse and your family first before anything else.

Your Perception

You are no longer the frivolous, carefree soul as you used to be, as with the marriage, you realize it's not just about the change in the name or address but your surroundings altogether.
You come to realize that you and your spouse are one unit and to keep that unit growing strong, you will have to be more mature, more patient, and more forgiving. In short, your dynamics will be redefined; marriage is an entirely new affair.

Decision Making

Since you are now going to be spending your lives with each other, it becomes incumbent on you to consult your spouse before taking a decision.
While it is true that every person needs some personal space in certain facets of life but when it comes to making a decision that concerns your home, finances, career plans, etc., your spouse must be kept in view. There's no 'my way or the highway but our way.'

You Take Things More Seriously

Spousal squabble is common; fights and disagreements were common even before you got married, but how does that aspect change after you say "I do"?
Well, for starters, somewhere deep down you know that 'marriage' is a solemn promise and that walking out of it because you couldn't reach an agreement or felt weary of it is not that easy. You will understand the seriousness of it and graft hard to make it work.