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Cheating Men Signs

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 12, 2019
Cheating men signs are very obvious, if you observe your man carefully. Here are a few signs of cheating men and reasons for what makes men cheat.
Sometimes a relationship, takes a hairpin bend, only to collide into a fatal end. If you have been, unknowingly, living with a cheating partner, only to discover it later, life, all long, can seem to be totally unfair.
When the infidelity and the secret liaisons of your partner surface, it can damage more than one relationship. A cheating man, can only hide his cheating ways, as long as you keep brushing them under the carpet.
Knowing your man and taking cognizance of cheating, can help you salvage your relationship and rebuild it on a stronger foundation. Here's a look at a man's psyche and some obvious signs of cheating men

What Makes Men Cheat?

Why do men have affairs? Everything in this world has a cause and effect relationship and by the virtue of that, so does a cheating man has his reasons for doing so.
  • A boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend, as he no longer finds her the same. As boys, the emotion of love, is hugely dominated by the opponent's physical appearance. So, when the mind, tries to see deeper within and does not get its intellectual stimuli, the boy decides to look out for other options and thus, cheats.
  • On the other hand, a man in his adolescent stage, looks for a partner who is supportive of his passions, dreams, career objectives and in totality, helps him grow. If you, as his lady, fail to keep up, why shouldn't he look for someone who does?
  • So...when a man decides to cheat, it takes a little more than lack of support and disappearing physical beauty. A man cheats, because, his lady, cannot satisfy, her role as a woman.
Women are inherently, caretakers (in any given situation) in an emotional and psychological way and the nurturers of life. So, if you are his wife and you cannot do this for your man, he is going to find other ways to get this care and attention.
When a man cheats, it's a two way street. It is a man's fault, since he fails to strike a cord of communication with you and substantiate his points of view. And it is your fault as you simply get used to his ways, and fail to see the difference in his behavior.

Signs of Infidelity

A Makeover

A change of appearance, is one of the first signs that your man might be cheating. Don't we want to be the best, to get the best deal? So, if your man has had a mundane style of dressing all along, and he suddenly gets a makeover, you need to probe in a little.
Say, he is in his mid late 30s or mid 40s and has a graying hair line. If he is interested in someone, half his age (for whatever reasons), he will color his hair to wear a 'I am so young look'. Another common change seen amongst cheating men is, change in the style of clothing with regards to color and style.

Behavioral Changes

Drastic changes in behavior, is a serious alarm, which you can't snooze. He will begin spending a lot of time out of the house, under clever manipulative pretexts. Making up of imaginary office colleagues, office projects and business tours are some of the guises that married men use to get away from family lives.
Another behavioral change, that should be a concern is, his phone, which might ring off the hook. Midnight messages and marathon calls, are some more signs of cheating.

Increasing Distance

Distance is not just going away on long business tours, but the emotional distance too. His sexual behavior is definitely going to be a concern, but his undue secrecy and his inexplicable mood swings, are some more ingredients that will add to your worry.
He will stop telling you, his thoughts, worries, concerns, feelings and emotions. You will be overwhelmed by a feeling of disconnect, with such a behavior.
The signs of cheating are actually, quite evident. However, in most relationship, the other person, conveniently, takes up the role of a victim and buries these signs, as though it never happened. You may be in love with your man, but, you need to be alert and aware, to avoid getting hurt. These signs help you see the truth in a better and a brighter light.