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Commitment Issues in Men

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Nov 17, 2018
Let's see commitment issues in men and educates them on ways to deal with it, as these issues often serve as deal breakers for a healthy relationship.
Today, relationships have lost their value and meaning. Couples are facing relationship problems on a daily basis due to a variety of reasons. When we talk about commitment issues in men, it means that he is afraid or unable to commit to his partner.
Even if you love your man the most and are ready to marry him, he suffers from a phobia which stops him from making a longtime promise to you.
Commitment is a word, which men of today don't have in their vocabulary. It is associated with the qualities of promise, assurance, and responsibility. A healthy relationship always demands constant care, nurture, and love from both partners.
However, men suffering from this phobia have a different set of emotions every time. They can be very mushy at times and surprise you with inexpensive gifts. But whenever you want to have a serious talk about your future, they will probably start a fight over a petty reason and end the conversation.

Reasons for this Phobia

There are several causes for men to behave indifferently regarding this issue. Here are a few prominent ones:
  • Fear of making a long-term promise arises in men as they think that this kind of assurance might lead them to lose their freedom and space. They have a certain lifestyle and don't like it much if a woman walks in and they have to make adjustments.
  • Men generally have a set idea that now, their life will be governed by their wives or partners. The thought of spending an entire lifetime with one woman scares the hell out of them.
  • Some men have genuine reasons like having dated bad or wrong women in the past.
  • Some may have been cheated and left by their wives.
  • Sometimes, this starts in childhood, and it's mostly about bitter experiences they have faced with the opposite sex.
  • Certain career-oriented men may want to give their professional life the highest priority and may not want their personal issues to interfere with it.

Negative Effects

  • This attitude in boys and men lead them to loneliness and a path of destruction.
  • It not only hampers your love life but all the other decisions that you make in life as well.
  • For now, you might be just running away from your partner, but later, you will be running away from every problem in life. You will not be able to commit to anything.
  • Not seeking counseling for this problem or ignoring it can also cause anxiety, disorder, and worry.
  • Being in denial, becoming a chronic escapist, or following certain preconceived notions about this issue can result in psychological problems in the long run.


  • Firstly, stop believing that not committing to a woman is cool. Young boys and adults have certain Hollywood idols and feel that being single is the best way to be. Yes, it's nice to be single for a while, but for how long? People move on, your favorite celebrities will get married or be committed someday; and those living alone will end up being alone.
  • Try to change your attitude. Being committed doesn't mean that you are stuck with one girl. It means you are blessed with a woman who is going to love and cherish you for who you are.
  • It is always better to wake up with the same person everyday knowing that they love you, than to have a different date every night that is leading nowhere.
  • When you are stuck in the deep problems of life, it is not some stranger or even a friend but your wife who will come to your rescue, give you a shoulder to lean on and help you rise again.
  • Playboys might scoff at these ideas, but how long will they be able to lead the kind of life they love to lead? Only as long as they have good looks and charm perhaps.
  • When you start putting on weight and getting a few wrinkles, you will need somebody who will love you for what you are, and not just your appearance.

General Advice

  • Go, look for love, and you will find her and a healthy relationship. Not every girl is a cheat, not every girl wants your money.
  • You have to move with a slow pace in a relationship, get to know the person, and then commit.
  • Never hurt your partner by sabotaging your relationship with evil tactics, and never bail out on your woman.
  • You may forget about her, but she won't be able to forget or forgive for the rest of her life. You will instill in her a fear for men and relationships.
  • When you decide to end your relationship, at least give your partner a thoughtful explanation as to why are you ending things.
  • If you are in a relationship and are dealing with relationship problems, talk openly with your partner about them.
  • Seek professional or spiritual guidance if required.
  • Release your fears, and try to overcome them, as you have one life. Do not end up alone.
Commitment issues in men can be dealt and solved with patient listening and unconditional love. It is also the man's responsibility to step out of his nutshell, release his fears, and give a deeper meaning to his life by giving love and value to the relationships he shares with other people.