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Communication Skills in Relationships

Stephen Rampur Mar 25, 2019
Effective communication in relationships is very important to maintain a smooth relationship. Let us see how to develop effective communication in a relationship.
Communication is a very crucial part of our lives, especially when it comes to relationships. In order for a relationship to run smoothly, there should be effective communication between both partners.
By improving communication skills, you will be able to understand the feelings of the other person clearly and effectively. Understanding the importance will even help you prevent and overcome any misunderstanding between both partners.

Effective Communication Skills in Relationships

Listen Carefully

There are many things that we mess up just because we miss out on listening to what the other person actually wants to say. This can even happen in a relationship.
When communicating with your partner, don't just hear, but listen carefully. This will enable you to understand what the other person is saying and prepare for a response. While listening, do not interrupt the other person. If you do so, it would naturally show your disinterest in the matter.


Just like careful listening, speaking clearly is also a very significant point when it comes to good communication skills. What you speak has to be balanced with what you have heard. Do not overstate what you want to say and be clear. 
While speaking, it is always better to consider the other person's point of view. Do not be rude or one-sided in your talk with your partner, and most importantly, do not criticize.

Understand Body Language

Body language is needed for good communication and to understand each other in relationships.
Along with just plain listening and speaking, you also have to include body language as a part of your communication. This includes eye movements, posture, and other facial expressions. Good body language can be used in order to show interest in the communication.

Use the 'I' Word Correctly

The 'I' word plays a very important role when it comes to clear communication in relationships. Using 'I' in your statements gives an impression that what is being said is your point of view, and the views can differ.
Instead of using the statement 'You make me frustrated', it is a good option to say 'I don't like it when this happens'. This makes the conversation less accusatory and makes the other person feel that he is not being totally blamed.

Other Skills

You should communicate in a way that would create a kind of mutual understanding between both partners. The communication should essentially lead to a solution and not more complications in the conflict.
In some cases, physical touch can even contribute to good understanding in both partners. For instance, just holding hands while talking can be of great help to pass on the message effectively.
It is also significant to accept that you are wrong if you really are. Learn to appreciate your partner to enhance the quality of your communication. Another good idea is to turn a complaint into a request by saying please and other such words. Instead of shouting 'You never say goodbye!', you can just say 'Can you please say goodbye while going?'.
These are some effective communication skills in relationships that you need to develop. There are many other skills that you would develop over time after following these tips. Remember that being a good communicator with your partner will make the bond stronger.