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Communication Techniques for Couples

Neha Joshi Mar 12, 2019
Communication techniques for couples are something that you must know to enhance communication between each other. Only when you see a few problems arising out of the whole 'no-communication' and 'mis-communication' phases, you realize its importance, and its need for sustaining a relationship.
Communication is very important, be it any sort of relationship, personal or professional. Without communication, there would be no relationship as the two people won't be communicating, something that is important for mutual survival and plays a very important role in dependency.
Many people mistake communication for interaction, and this is when the problems arise. The reason why communication techniques are searched for, is because after a certain time in a relationship, the couple understands that there are a lot of things unsaid and feelings not shared.
Improper communication may cause lack of empathy in a relationship which has its own disastrous effects. Communication techniques will not only help you as partners to overcome communication barriers, but also to avoid wrong communication and unspoken misunderstandings. Read through this techniques and analyze what exactly is missing in your relationship.

How You Can Improve Communication with Your Partner

Understand Communication

Understanding communication techniques for couples is to understand communication itself. Some couples believe that if they talk on the phone, or if they spend time in person, they're communicating fine. This is where you make the first mistake.
Communication is not just talking, but something much deeper than that where two people share emotions, ideas and dreams. Communication should help two people in a relationship to connect in such a way that, that connection is felt even when distances prevail.


A very important part of communication exercises for couples is to inquire every now and then about how your partner is emotionally feeling, and whether there is anything you can do for him/her.
It is necessary that you inquire, as not everyone is comfortable in approaching with problems and issues. There might be something that is troubling him/her, and it's your duty to keep on checking on your partner. If this isn't done, the other person in the relationship might think that he/she is neglected and that in turn might lead to hiding of problems.

Show You're Receptive

In a relationship, there comes a time when the other person, with a lot of difficulty says, we need to talk. If you don't want this to happen in your relationship, be receptive in general towards issues, and let your partner know that.
There should never be a problem while discussing issues, specially because you aren't tolerant enough to understand them, or because somehow your partner feels you won't react properly. You have to emotionally control yourself and your reactions, and instead talk out each and every problem with rationality and genuineness.

The Element of Friendship

There are certain issues we easily talk about with our friends, but when it comes to our respective partners, we find it difficult to even remotely mention them.
This happens because we're worried what his/her reaction might be, and how it might lead to another set of issues, isn't it? You have to understand that communication problems in your relationship will lead to more problems.
For this reason, try to be friends first, and don't be very judgmental about your partner, or don't have constant opinions about their actions.

Don't Hear, Listen

In any communication process, professional or personal, you need to listen to the other person with all attention. Don't just hear what the other person is saying but listen to him/her and try to understand what he/she is trying to say.
Like Epictetus said, we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. If you're not a good listener, your partner is going to have problems discussing issues with you, and might completely remain aloof which will lead to lesser communication.
After reading the communication techniques for couples mentioned before, you must have realized how easy it is to get rid of communication problems. Just like communication can give rise to many unfortunate problems and circumstances, good communication in turn gives rise to a healthy and happy relationship.
If you want your relationship to not hit the tide, make use of these tips and you will see the comfort level increasing in no time.