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Humorous Conversation Starters to Chat With Your Boyfriend

Rujuta Borkar Nov 28, 2018
Looking for some great conversation starters with your boyfriend? Look no further girls! Just read this and you're on your way to a great start.
Ah...Love. Or lust? Or love? Umm...whatever it was. You saw him. He saw you. And sparks flew. Then oblivion to everything around you set in. Who you spoke to throughout the day, where you went, what you did...became just a blur. Only him. Only you. That's all there was. That was a week ago.
Slowly the high of the first stages of love died down and the need to know him arose. But how? You're already a couple! Then how do you go about asking him about himself now?
In an uncomfortable place like this one, girl, it would really help if you had some help with conversation starters. You know, explaining the highs and lows of what exactly to ask, how to ask and how to go about it. It all begins with good conversation starters with your boyfriend.
Good conversation topics won't suddenly materialize out of thin air. You'll have to make them up. This is of course all in the initial stages. Once you know him well, you won't need any help to have long drawn conversations that run into the night. But until then, here's presenting some great conversation starters. They'll help.

Good Conversation Starters With Your Guy

A good conversation should have a great flow to it with minimal awkward silences, they say. It's OK to have awkward silences (that is bound to happen), but a good conversation is one which leaves you feeling 'Wow. That was nice'. And of course, brings a smile to your face. So then what are some ideas for conversation starters? Read girl, read.

Humor Him

The most effective way to get the conversation ball rolling is to use humor. Use some funny conversation topics. Funny incident in school or at work? Animate the whole thing and tell him about it. Crack him up real good and the ball will roll from there.
Or you could play a game. Ask random questions like 'Would you smell a hundred day old sock or would you eat a hundred day old egg'. It's so weird, he can't help but laugh. Get him into the mode and soon enough, one thing will lead to another. Then you won't even need to know how to keep a conversation going.


If you don't want to get into the whole "So, which is your favorite movie, song, film, sport..." then you don't really need to. You can get him to talk by simply picking it up from where he stopped.
Listen to what he says and then start off from there. If you hear him mentioning a club, just casually ask what clubs he visits, then add on with more questions about the kind of music he listens to at these clubs, even otherwise. Who does he go to the club with?
A small activity can clue you in on a lot of information if you steer it well. And before you know it...a really long conversation! Now that is a great way to go about starting great conversations with your boyfriend. What say?

Tried and Tested

Nothing wrong with the tried and tested way, that's for sure. The reason it's around is because it works. Simple. Here's what you do-ask the most basic question, yes, but add on with more details.
For example, instead of asking which is his favorite movie and facing the possibility that he might give a one word answer, ask him which is his favorite scene in the movie and why. That will get his thinking wheels turning. And the answer definitely won't be a monosyllable.
The key is to get him to talk so you'll know him better. When he starts relating his hobbies, or other activities to you, who says you have to be mute and simply listen? Add in with your thoughts as well, and that right there, is an interesting conversation in the making.


It would help if you knew some good questions to ask a guy. So then, some things that you can talk about that work out as great conversation starters could well be the following:
  • Do you like Jim Carrey's comedy better or Adam Sandler's?
  • What is your best friend like?
  • What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
  • Ever been arrested?
  • Where would you go if someone sponsored a ticket?
  • What superpower would you like to have? Why?
  • What is the one food item you'll never eat?
  • Do you prefer crowds or isolated places?
  • If I gave you $500, what would you buy?
  • How do you spend a Sunday?
So, now you have these conversation starters to help you out. Go ahead then, do your thing and win him over a second time. This time with your wit, humor, and the fact that you can start and steer a great conversation like no one else he knows.