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Conversation Topics for Couples

Girija Shinde Nov 24, 2018
Talking, a.k.a. conversing, is one of the main characteristics of human beings. But when the same human beings are in a relationship, they are out of words! If you are going through the same phase, you will find here some conversation topics for couples.
During courtship, everyone is bubbling over with excitement and has lots of things to share and talk about. But once you are actually in a relationship, the bubble bursts and you run out of things to say to each other! You are left wondering what you should talk about?
If your relationship is new, you need not worry for at least a couple of weeks, because you have so much to discover about each other! For the rest of you, here are some conversation ideas.


Talking about your interests is one of the main topics for couples. You might know what his/her interests are at the start of a relationship, but interests can change, so talking about them will add a new flavor to your relationship.
For example, knowing that your girlfriend is a fan of Twilight is okay, but talking about it with her will make her happy. You might even have common interests, and talking about them will give you a feel of being similar in many ways.
If you are a new couple, then this topic can serve as a conversation starter. But, keep one thing in mind that if your views are contradictory to each other, do not argue over them. Respect each other's opinions, because your relationship is more important than the interests.


Every person likes to talk about his/her family. With a small difference though; girls love to talk about their dads while guys love to talk about their moms! You can share all childhood memories about your family, about the time you went on a vacation, when you got the first prize in a competition, your first night out away from your mom, and what not!
You will get to know how your beloved was when he/she was a kid. Talking about siblings is also one of the topics for couples, as we all love our siblings and also have many complaints about them. So, it will be fun to find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend also experiences the same irritation.


It may sound like a danger signal for guys, but talking about the future is one of the important things in a relationship. It doesn't mean you have to threaten your boyfriend, or constantly nag him about getting married.
As it has two aspects, i.e., talking about individual future and talking about your future together. Anyone would wish to know what their partner's dreams are, and you would also like to know the long term goals your partner has.
The second aspect is a bit more interesting. It needn't be an analytical, practical thinking, but more of a dreamy side, like thinking about a small home by the river side, surrounded by lush green trees, and you listening to your partner playing on his guitar.

Other Topics

You could also talk about each other, like what things you find attractive about each other, or about your first date, and how you felt on your first date, or some crazy things you would like to do with him/her, about your friends, or even some sweet talk.
Don't think too much about what to talk about. Just be yourself. Do not try to impress your partner by false pretense and do not be just a good listener. Your participation in the conversation is also very important.
This quote will give you a perfect idea of what a conversation between a couple or anyone else should be like:

"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.." ― Lady Dorothy Nevill