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Creative and Romantic Ways to Propose That Will Get You a Yes

Creative and Romantic Ways To Propose
It does not help to be nervous when you have to think of how to propose to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Take the pressure off by looking into these creative and romantic ways to propose, and make this much-awaited moment truly special.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Asking a person to marry you is one of the most important events in life, and you should always make sure that you make this moment truly memorable and special. Although I might not be the one to suggest you something as wacky as gift-wrapping yourself and popping out of the box with the wedding ring, I do believe that a marriage proposal has to be romantic, creative, and memorable.
First of all let me tell you that although traditionally it is the man who asks the woman's hand in marriage, we have left that time far behind us. There is nothing wrong with a woman proposing to a man. In fact, guys adore confident women who can take the lead, break the conventions, and are honest enough to confess their desire to get married! There is no room for conventions and apprehensions when it comes to romance.
Memorable Video Proposal
Technology has made our lives very simple, and you can use it to create a perfect marriage proposal as well. Make a video of some of your best moments together like vacations, beautiful moments at parties, birthdays, etc. You can put all these snippets together using a video editing software. In case you have some beautiful pictures, you can incorporate these too in the video. Add some romantic audio tracks to be played along with the video. You can even record your own voice and give it as voice-over to the film, and pop the question at the end. To make this more interesting, plan a movie night and switch the movie DVD with the proposal DVD. This is a truly creative and romantic way to propose! In case you are not really slick with the editing software, you can even get a professional to do it for you.
The Classic Romeo-Juliet Proposal
When it comes to love stories, there is nothing more romantic than Romeo and Juliet. So how about you serenade your love as you stand below her window and go down on one knee, with a bouquet of red roses and the engagement ring in your hand! You can sing your song, which the two of you hold truly special. In case it is not possible for her to hear your voice, you can sing it over the phone or, better still, record and play it. To give it a classic romantic touch, get a movable ladder and climb up to the window (of course if your lover stays in a skyscraper, please do not attempt this). I know what you are thinking - clich├ęd! But believe me, it is very romantic!
Early Morning Proposal
If your partner is a morning person and likes to go for an early morning walk or jog, then this proposal will work in your favor. You need to know your partner's jogging route for this to be successful though. What you can do is carve romantic messages on the barks of the trees en route. You can hand him/her a flower, with the engagement ring between the petals, after the jog! Truly romantic and very creative indeed!
The 'Oh-So-Adorable' Proposal
One of the cutest ways to propose is to get help from an adorable puppy. Keep the puppy in a basket with some chocolates and flowers. When your partner sees the cute pup with its round, innocent eyes and wet nose, wearing the Will-You-Marry-Me t-shirt, saying "No" would seem like the toughest thing to him/her.
Yorkie Puppy
Romantic Rose