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Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

Sujata Iyer Dec 1, 2018
When it comes to asking a girl out to prom, guys suddenly become extra nervous. If you've figured out who you want to ask out, but want to do it uniquely, check out these ideas..
You may know which girl you want to go to prom with. However, before you ask her out, you start fretting. "What if she says no? How will I handle it? Will I have to go alone?" So many questions plague your mind. Just relax, and focus on the more important thing: how you'll ask her out.
The manner in which you ask a girl out to prom, believe it or not, can influence her decision. So, if you want some creative ways to ask a girl to prom, you're lucky to have chanced upon this information. Read the ideas mentioned here, and see which one you'd want to try out.

Announce It

Here's an idea that you can use if you have the guts and the right contacts. Your school is sure to have a public address system. Get access to the room from where they make the announcements, learn how to use the equipments.
Once you have it, make an announcement in a very serious, business-like tone, addressing the girl, and request her to go to the prom with you. If you can't manage the public address system, try your on-campus radio, and make a formal announcement on a show that she listens to.
You can also make an announcement in the school newspaper. Even if she herself doesn't read it, people around her will surely tell her. She'll be pleasantly surprised, and will love your creativity.

Put up a Notice

Another thing you can do is, type out a long notice on your computer. Begin by saying how you're looking forward to the prom, and how you wish that a certain girl (mention her name) would go with you.
Proceed to describe her in a very sweet, non-stalkerish manner that does not make you seem like a psycho. End it up saying how you hope she reads this notice and says yes. Mention your cell phone number in the bottom corner, asking her to text you her answer.
Print this on some fancy paper, and put it up on the notice board on your floor in school. No girl can resist such a sweet gesture.

Dress Up

Here's a truly cute way to ask a girl to prom, assuming that you both are at least on talking terms, and know each other pretty well. If you know where she lives, get all dressed up in your best suit, carry a bunch of her favorite flowers, and reach her doorstep.
When she opens the door, she'll definitely be surprised to see you all dressed up. Ask her to the prom by going down on a knee, and giving her the flowers. When she says yes (hopefully she will), take her out for a fancy dinner somewhere, and show her that you can have a good time together.

Write a Poem

If you're good with words, put it to some good use. How about writing a beautiful poem about her, and asking her to go to the prom with you? You can say nice things about her, and some funny things about the two of you.
Tell her how special she is to you, and she won't be able to say no. Don't print this one. Write it by hand on a nice paper, and hand it to her in the middle of a class. She'll love it for sure.

Make a Questionnaire

Here's a fun way to ask a girl to prom. All you need is a quirky sense of humor, some good interview skills, and a reasonable sense of imagination. What you have to do is, make a questionnaire with a lot of seemingly random questions about what she thinks of you, and how she perceives you to be.
Begin with a brief, humorous, yet formal introduction of yourself, and then proceed with your questions. Frame them in such a way that they build up a positive response to the final one, which will obviously be the one asking her to the prom. Be creative, funny, and imaginative in your questions, and she won't be able to say no.
Be warned that the ideas mentioned here do not intend to encourage disruption of the discipline and order within the school premises. They are just a take on how a little fun and creativity can be induced into asking a girl out to prom. Make sure that you don't get yourself into trouble (not too much anyway). As it is, you go to prom just once.