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5 Common But Creative Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Creative Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him
There are a lot of creative ways to show your boyfriend you love him, and a few amazing ones are listed right here, in the article below. The following paragraphs will throw some light on unique creative ways that will express your love to your boyfriend. Check them out!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Expressing your love is important, and you know that, but how you do it is also very important. Do you know why there is a need for these creative ways in the first place? That's because everyone can resort to other cliched means of expressing love and there is nothing different that you will be doing in that case. Creative ways of expressing love make you think of what exactly you feel for a person and help you express the same in a more personalized manner. If you decide to do the typical things, girls do, to express your love, chances are your boyfriend might know of your intentions already. Resorting to a creative way and thinking of something on your own, will also help you to add a surprise element to everything. After all, expressing your love has to be done by giving full justice to the thought, and in a special way, isn't it? Mentioned below are four creative ways to show your boyfriend you love him, and you can zero in on any one of your choice.
Creative Ways to Express Your Love
Make a Movie
Make your boyfriend a movie that he can treasure all his life. This won't take much of your time as all you would need to do is download a movie making software, get hold of some videos of you guys together, some photographs and some good music for the background score. Using all these things, you can make a movie for him that would show how much you love him. The music you choose can be songs you would like to dedicate to him.
Decoration Dreamland
When your boyfriend is out, somehow get entry into his house and change the entire look of his house. Arrange and decorate everything according to a theme and surprise him with some dinner. Make sure the theme is of his liking and not yours. Wear something nice, cook the food yourself, arrange for some soft music and you're done! That's all you need. All these efforts would really make him realize your love for him. His house should resemble a completely different dreamland, something beyond recognition.
Love Hunt
By now you must be knowing all that your boyfriend likes or loves and wants, be it accessories, books or just about anything. Hide these things all around the home and maybe outside it too, into the entire city. Start by giving him just one thing and a clue with it to reach the next. This way, you'll arrange a small treasure hunt for him and won't he love it? If you have the time, you can also keep the above-mentioned options as one gift each. Try to keep a few romantic things in this hunt as after all, it's a love hunt, isn't it?
A Love Letter
A love letter is the perfect way to show your boyfriend you live him. In the love letter, write down all the reasons why you love your boyfriend and some nice love quotes too. While the quotes you would get anywhere on the Internet, I would suggest you write the reasons on your own. Write him a page full letter everyday and once you complete 100 such letters, you can give him the entire bunch. Also talk about all the special moments you guys shared, so that he knows you remember everything and really love him.
Create a Scrapbook
Creating a scrapbook is yet another creative way to show your boyfriend you love him and partly a mixture of the love letter and movie idea, but not entirely. If you're technologically challenged (like me!), you can try this option. Make him a scrapbook that includes everything from some love letters, photographs of both of you, mention of some special moments, signatures and messages of people who are close to him and some out of the world decoration.
Remember, these creative ways to show your boyfriend you love him will work only if you perfectly execute the plan you make. Whichever option you like, do the best you can with it. Your boyfriend should be blown off his feet with surprise and emotion. It might take you sometime to prepare everything, but it's worth it, isn't it? Best of Luck!
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