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Cute Date Ideas to Have a Really Good Time With Your Partner

Aparna Jadhav Nov 30, 2018
Engaging in some outdoor activities, or doing something fun, are just some ways to spend some quality time with your partner. If you want to take your lover out on a fun date, read on for some cute date ideas.
A romantic candlelight dinner, with music and flowers, is a very common dating idea. Why not try something unique and exciting to make your next date memorable? Take a look at these cute date ideas which you can use on Valentine's day, or any other time to make your partner feel special.

Ideas You Can Use

Dating is a major part of a relationship, as a date can be the only time you get to spend together, and notice those little things about your sweetheart.
  • Visit the local flea market, and buy things that you've never bought for each other.
  • Catch a bus or the local transport to explore your city and its outskirts.
  • Crash into a party of unknown people.
  • Visit a museum, if you've never been to one.
  • Go to a park, and play on the slides and swings (don't forget to carry a frisbee with you).
  • Take a walk down the neighborhood, and visit some of your neighbors.
  • Fly kites in a park or a garden.
  • Play Scrabble till you get tired.
  • Visit an arcade, play video games, and eat lots of cotton candy.
  • Go hiking, pack lunch or dinner in a picnic basket, and take it along.
  • Spend a night sitting on your car bonnet, staring at the stars, cuddled up in one cozy blanket.
  • Take hobby classes like pottery, dance, acting, and cooking together.
  • Take a day off from work, visit the market. Buy groceries, and cook a meal together.
  • Go out on a mini vacation to an isolated town, and spend the weekend exploring it.
  • Spend an entire day at a spa, pampering yourself.
  • Go to a game like baseball, hockey, or any other game which both of you like to watch.
  • Watch a romantic play.
  • Go surfing at the beach.
  • See the underwater life by going snorkeling together.
  • Go horseback riding on a pleasant afternoon.
  • Bungee jumping over a lake, tied up together is one crazy idea that you can come up with.
  • Go viewing model homes, though you don't want to buy one.
  • Rent a boat, and go boating in a nearby lake with a meal packed in a picnic box to have in the boat.
  • Watch a drive-in movie.
  • Go shopping in a garage sale.
  • Visit Disneyland.
  • Visit a Jazz bar, and enjoy the soft music and ambiance after a hard day's work.
  • Sing a song for each other at a Karaoke bar.
  • Play Laser tag on a holiday.
  • Buy your partner a pet if he/she has been wanting any.
  • Go wine tasting together.
  • Visit the zoo, and click crazy pictures in front of the animal cages.
  • Learn a new sport together.

Ideas for Winter

Winter is a beautiful season to spend with your partner. It is also holiday season, and has a festive mood to it. If you are looking for some great ideas, here are a few ideas you can use in winter.
  • Since it is vacation time, you can take a trip to any of your favorite holiday spots.
  • Make snowmen in your backyard, and enjoy a snowball fight.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Cook a hot dinner together, and drink some champagne.
  • Bake cookies and muffins for each other.
  • Pick up a sledge, and go sledging in the snow.
  • Skiing would also be a fun thing to do.
  • Dancing on ice sounds fun too, just make sure it's not thin ice you are tapping your feet on.
  • Drink cold beer in giant glasses and try dancing on wooden tables in the beer bars.
  • Give each other massages on a chilled winter's evening and then cuddle up inside a warm blanket next to the fireplace.
  • You can catch an afternoon movie, if it's too cold to get out.
  • Sit at a coffee shop on a relaxed Sunday afternoon and chat away till you run out of topics.
  • Shop for clothes till you're out of cash.
  • Make snow cones, and eat a lot of them.
  • Take your date out for a carriage ride on a cold winter afternoon.
You too can come up with other such date ideas to make your partner's day special. Spending some quality time together is always healthy for a relationship. The next time you think you need a break from your busy schedule, take a day off, and plan a cute date for you and your sweetheart. Go ahead and reignite the romance.