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Stay-at-home Date Ideas - They are Dime a Dozen, But Enchanting

Stay-at-home Date Ideas
Not in the mood to go out for date night? Is the weather not idyllic enough? No problem! We've got things covered on how to turn things around, with the following stay-at-home date ideas.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018
The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a date, is a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant, or better yet, a romantic luncheon by the beach. However, many couples don't understand that the idea of dating is not about how much you spend on a date, but rather, the time spent with that special someone.
Whether you're on a tight budget, you don't feel like stepping out this weekend, or just tired of doing the same thing every date night―we have some pretty neat ideas on how to do a date at home.
Stay-At-Home Date Ideas for Couples
Set Up a Candlelight Dinner
Sharing a smile
Though this idea may seem quite clichéd, there is no denying the fact that it is the most romantic. If your partner hasn't eaten a decent home-cooked meal for a while, putting together a quiet, intimate dinner will help take the load off after a tiring day at the office.
Couple having romantic dinner at home
After you've cleaned up the place, decorate it by placing scented candles around the dinner table and living room. If you're unsure about your cooking skills, we suggest ordering for cheap yet delicious takeout, of your partner's favorite kind of food.
Cook a Meal Together
Couple cooking dinner
If the two of you are busy throughout the week, and find it difficult to spend time with one another, this date idea is just for you. Over the weekend when the two of you are usually free, prepare a meal together, even if you've never cooked a meal in your life.
Couple cooking food together
Now is a great time to experiment, don't you think? Do not worry if neither of you are fabulous cooks―the idea behind this is not to prepare a mouth-watering dish, but rather, to bond over a fun activity.
Have an Indoor Picnic
Yes, a picnic that doesn't have to be under the big, azure sky in the park; actually, if you were to do this on the terrace or backyard, it would be quite perfect. 
Decorated tree in a room
Pack a picnic basket with all sorts of yummy appetizers and sandwiches, including a bottle of wine. You can put up a string of soft lights to decorate the place (even Christmas lights will do), before settling down to watch the sun set, together.
Do Something Fun
Couple doing breakfast
For movie night, you can rent a bunch of new DVDs and snuggle together under a blanket with hot cocoa, or better yet, a drink. 
How about a date in the bathtub? No, seriously! Just fill it up with some hot bubbly goodness, complete with scented candles and strewn rose petals. Turn on the radio, sit back, and enjoy a soothing soak with of course, a bottle of your best wine.
Creative Ideas for Stay-At-Home Date Night
Couples who have that creative spark in them can give these creative dating ideas a try.
Create a Scrapbook/Memory Book
Couple creating a scrapbook
Collect your favorite photographs taken in the course of your relationship, and buy a scrapbook to compile it in one place. Put the photographs together while recounting the many fun incidents that were captured in still frame. 
You can include little comments or anecdotes around the pasted photographs, for posterity. This can also be turned into a memory book, following a theme as you go along―prom night, last Christmas holiday together, graduation, and the like. You can recreate an important moment in your relationship in the scrapbook, like your engagement, wedding day, etc.
Create a Website
The major feature about the website will be about your journey together―how you two met, how the relationship evolved, the details of crazy arguments, and the like. You can sketch the incidents―if you're good at drawing―or find someone online to do this for you. It's a pretty cool idea, actually.
A lot of couples get in touch with sketchers to put up artsy, wacky drawings based on a timeline of their lives. Don't miss out on trying this one out.