Fun and Romantic Date Ideas For Couples This Fall

Date Ideas For Couples This Fall
We don't know what it is, but there's something magical about taking a carriage ride with your love and watching the golden leaves fall. It can make any girl feel like a princess! Greet this lucky girl with some long-stem red roses, and there's nothing that could make it any better.
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Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Fall the season of love
Fall Date Ideas Dana + Larry Visited the Day of the Dead Fest
Dress up in traditional Day-of-the-Dead costumes with your significant one. Enjoy the festivities, paint some sugar skulls, try your hand at traditional crafts, and groove to some good music while you soak in some Mexican culture. Make a day of it or party all night long Mexican style.
Fall Date Ideas Lana + Joe Decided to Get Lost in the Corn Maze
Get lost in the corn maze and wander around dreamily. Play hide and seek, kiss every time you find each other. Pet a few farm animals at the petting zoo and watch those cute little piglets run. Don't forget to munch on a few corns on the cob.
Fall Date Ideas Rachel + Will Let Loose at the Oktoberfest
You can't think of fall and not have Oktoberfest come to mind! Sport the traditional attire, try different brews of beer, enjoy some good music, dance, and sample delicious munchies in this fest. You could also have fun at the carnival going on outdoors.
Fall Date Ideas  Julia + Drake Hitched a Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch
You could go for a hayride with your loved one, soak in a bit of the sun, and may be, enjoy your trip to the pumpkin patch. If things are new between the two of you, you could display your soft side by playing with the farm animals.
Fall Date Ideas Judy + Eric Had a Messy but Fun Time Carving Pumpkins
Now that you got enough pumpkins, it's time to put them to use. There's nothing like some good old pumpkin carving to get into the festive Halloween mood. Show off your carving skills, and don't worry if things get a bit messy, just have some fun.
Fall Date Ideas Lynn + Ted Felt like Kids Playing in Golden Leaves
Rake those leaves in your backyard and make a big pile out of it. Get your honey and jump into it. Either throw the leaves on each other or make leaf fairies (not really a thing). Get silly, laugh, be the little kid you once were, and have loads of fun.
Fall Date Ideas Jane & Eric Spent an Afternoon at the Vineyard
Let things take a sophisticated turn, sample some wine and some great food that may accompany it. Every once in while, taste those delicious lips of your loved one. Enjoy the warm sun and the cool breeze as the two of you walk hand-in-hand in the golden vineyard.
Fall Date Ideas Sandra + Al Went Hiking and Stole a Few Kisses Near the Stream
There's nothing like enjoying the scenic view of the path turned gold with the leaves of autumn. Once you reach the top, both can admire the breathtaking view - it'll definitely be a moment where silence would suffice.
Fall Date Ideas Andrea + Nick Went Camping, Ate S'mores & Gazed at the Stars
Either hike to a mountain top and camp there or you could drive up. Light a bonfire and share stories of your childhood. Stay up late staring at the clear dark sky, gazing at the stars and awing at the beauty lying next to you.
Fall Date Ideas Sarah + Cliff Attempted to Fly a Kite (that failed) and had lots of fun
Pack lunch in a basket, carry a mat, and a cozy blanket. Swaddle yourselves in the blanket and read your favorite book. Just like Sarah and Cliff, you could also try to fly a kite.
Fall Date Ideas April + Ben Rode their Bicycles in the Park
Take a stroll through the park with your sweetheart every weekend and watch the leaves change color. If you're looking for a bit more fun, then hop on a bicycle and take a ride through the park. On your way home, take a quick stop for some hot coffee and pumpkin pie.
Fall Date Ideas Charlotte + Denver Spent a Lazy Afternoon Picking Apples
Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon on an orchard picking apples for yourself, if the two of you get tired picking apples all day, take a nap together in the shade. And if you feel hungry, you could also savor some scrumptious apple dishes served at a restaurant nearby.
Fall Date Ideas Mia + Jeremy Got Spooked in a Haunted Cellar
Come Halloween, and spookiness is in the air. If the two of y'all love a bit of scary spookiness, might we suggest checking out a few haunted places near you. Some places you could also get a guided tour. Hold your partner's hand tight if it gets a little scary.
Fall Date Ideas Natasha + Dan Had Fun at a Football Game
Attend a football game of your alma mater, cheer loud and clear to support them. If the actual game does not enthuse you, then enjoy the energy of those everyone around and munch on some good food. Don't forget to attend a tailgate party.
Fall Date Ideas Eliane + Matt Head to a Masquerade Every Year
Add a little spice to your relationship as the two of you don a mask and pretend to be strangers falling for each other. Flirt and dance all night, get the sexiness out. Guess who's taking you home that night.
Fall Date Ideas Carol + Phil Had a Great Day at the Carnival
Ride the Ferris wheel or the carousel, have some cotton candy or caramel apple, you just can't get bored at a carnival.