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8 Date Ideas for Geeks

Rohan Kadu Jan 6, 2019
Geeks are mostly indoor, reclusive people happy to be in their own world of books, computers, and technology. Since they don't socialize much, the idea of dating might sound alien to them. But they may enjoy themselves in the right company. Do you need some cool dating ideas if you're going out with a geek?

Did You Know?

The human genome, if converted into quantity of data, would amount to 800 MB. The differences between one human being and another can be extracted and compressed to 4 MB worth of data.

Play D-O-N-K-E-Y-M-O-N-K-E-Y-P-I-G

This game requires two individuals shooting hoops on a basketball court.
The next person to the one who has scored a shot should also score from the same spot. If he doesn't, the person who didn't score gets labeled D, and if he misses again in the next round, then O. The game ends when someone completes the letters for PIG. It's fun to play just shooting hoops on a basketball court with a little competition.

Watch His/Her Favorite TV Series Episodes Back-to-Back

Stay indoors, order a steaming pizza, and watch back-to-back episodes of a TV show you have in store.
Decide which one suits both of your interests, like choosing the nerd-comedy Big-Bang Theory, or a science-fiction series like Star Trek. Geeks mostly have a backup of their favorites TV shows.

Play One-on-One Video Games

Join two computers (a laptop to a desktop or two laptops) using a LAN cable (don't worry, the geek will have this covered) and play a one-on-one session of Mortal Kombat or set a race in any version of the Need for Speed series. Or you can even have fun on a PlayStation or Xbox. As long as the two of you are having fun, the gaming-device accounts for little.

Plan a Picnic

Since most geeks don't go out much, try to take him or her outdoors. Make a home-cooked lunch, and take along some board games like Scrabble, Chess or Cards to add spice to the outing. A scenic spot near a lake or river, or in the park could serve as an ideal location.

Visit a Museum/Book Fair/Tech Convention

While you may like to see the artifacts displayed at your local museum, geeks love to flock at book fairs or tech conventions.
Having the latest tech gadget or keeping themselves updated with the latest know-how of the tech world gives them a high, which only they can relate to. Book fairs give them a chance to add books of their interest to their personal library.

Recognize Star Constellations

Plan a night-out atop a mountain along with some sleeping bags, and show off your knowledge to your love by identifying star constellations.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Leave a trace of clues around your house or neighborhood and place a fancy present at each location. These will be the reward for unraveling the clues, for your partner.

Draw Some Graffiti

At late night, after the street is clear of traffic and people, draw some graffiti on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk. Compete with each other to come up with some creative designs as graffiti.