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Exciting and Adorable Date Ideas for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra Nov 25, 2018
Read on to know what all teens can do to have a great date!
Teenagers often feel very awkward while interacting with the opposite sex, and it takes a lot of courage on their part to ask someone out on a date. And if the other person has agreed, the pressure to arrange for a fun date can become even more! On top of that, dating for teens, in some societies, may be not taken so well by their families.
So how can a teenager with his internal complexes, and sometimes family restrictions, ensure that he has fun on a date? Simple, by doing it right with these little tips!

A City Tour

Take a city tour together. On your date, visit some of the most fun places of the city that you live in, including the museums, parks, any historical places, etc. Taking a city tour will give you enough time to know each other well.

A Movie Date

The safest bet of the lot that can never ever go wrong, provided you choose the movie in accordance to the interests of your date. The best part about it is that you will not feel pressurized to make small talk and still enjoy each other's company.

A Lunch or Dinner

A lunch or a dinner is the perfect setting to talk to each other for a couple of hours without getting distracted. Take your date out to a restaurant which has opened recently or to a place which is her favorite and enjoy talking over some good, scrumptious food.

Sporty Dates

Most teens enjoy bowling, ice skating, and roller skating. You can have fun with your date by playing such games together. You can take an ice cream break or go for a cup of coffee and chat endlessly, sharing your likes, interests, and hobbies with one another.

An Adventure

One of the most thrilling, yet cheap, date ideas is to go hiking or bike riding. You can arrange this adventurous date in any of the parks in your city that have nature trails.
A good idea here would be to pack some good food (you can ask your mother to prepare it) and fruit juices in your backpack and carry them along. You can go about having fun riding bikes, and in between stop for a special, surprise, home-cooked lunch, perhaps under the shade of a tree!

A Get-Together

A get-together is not exactly a date, still it is a good way to meet the one you have been eying for a while but never had a courage to go up to and ask for a date! So, arrange a get-together or a party at home, invite lots of your peers including that special someone.
You can have a pizza party or even a pot-luck, wherein each of the guests gets a dish to eat and share at the party. To make the party interesting, play some good group games together such as Truth or Dare, Dumb Charades, Chinese Whispers, etc.

A Nature Date

A date can become even more enjoyable if the setting is in the midst of nature. So, go to a beach and enjoy watching the sun, sand, and the waves.
If you live near the mountains, go with your date to the mountain top and enjoy the view from there. You can even go to a park and enjoy a boat ride together. Nature dates are fun and with a good company, can indeed promise a great time.
In the end, remember that all dates are supposed to be fun. So, do not unnecessarily feel burdened to always please your date. Take it easy, be yourself, and communicate freely to enjoy the whole experience.