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Dating Advice: DOs and DON'Ts You Must Invariably Follow

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 14, 2019
Lots of single men and women are not clear about the DOs and DON'Ts, while dating. This is the main reason behind people not connecting and lasting beyond the first date. This information provides a few tips to take your relationships further and build on it.
Although people might argue that there are no clear set rules for the dating game, there are some undeniable DOs and DON'Ts to be considered. If you adhere to these basics, you at least stand a chance of getting beyond the first date and opening the doors to new possibilities.
It's not just men who need advice there are some basic rules for women too. These rules if adhered to can go a long way in making your scene much better. Whether you are on your first date or the fifth, you need to bring your A game. Follow the advice given here and be ready to make some changes in your personality.

Dating Do's

Look Good

It is a scientific fact that light travels faster than sound, so you will be judged by the way you look before your words reach the other persons ears. Wear things that look good on you and not just the mannequin in the store.

Smell Good

In nature, animals attract their mates with pheromones. The sense of smell also plays an integral role in dating, in the same way. Wear a good perfume on your date. Some say fragrance is an aphrodisiac.

Date Plan

An important tip for men: talk to the girl and know about her likes and dislikes and accordingly plan your date. If your partner is vegetarian and you don't mind gobbling down a few veggies, reserve seats in a veg restaurant.


Have you heard the old adage 'give respect to get respect'? Well, dating rules dictate 'give attention to get attention'. Listen careful to what your partner is saying and respond appropriately by nodding or using conversation fillers.


Everyone likes being told how good they look, how intelligent they are, etc. So, etiquette requires you to be ready with a couple of honest compliments. An unsaid rule is that a person likes one compliment about their looks and one for their intellect at least.

Dating Don'ts

Discuss Ex

Never talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend when you are on a date. The other person doesn't like to hear about a third person, especially the one that you had been close to, but now aren't.

Get Drunk

You don't want to lose control on your date by getting drunk. Alcohol will hinder your judgment and your worst side will be revealed. Things could also get ugly, you might get into a fight or end up in an accident.

Be Late

This is very important. Do not be late for your date. If you are not going to make it because of a genuine reason call up and discuss if you can reschedule or meet at some other place.

Talk on Phone

The mobile phone is a modern-day evil, do not talk excessively on your phone when you are out on a date. It makes you seem uninterested. It is also rude to talk all the time on the phone when you are with someone else.

Flirt with Others

Never flirt with other people when you are on a date with someone, as it is degrading and insulting. Even if it is innocent flirting, avoid it and be on your best behavior, everyone wants a loyal mate.
It is very important that you know about the dating DOs and DON'Ts before you start hunting for your mate, otherwise you might end up empty-handed. Look up some interesting questions to ask on your date. These suggestions on top of the surface might not look magical, but, if you reflect, you will realize that these are the small things we ignore.