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Dating Advice for Girls: Friendly is Good. Possessive is Bad.

Deepa Kartha Apr 21, 2019
If you're new to the world of dating, there's nothing to worry about; tons of people are in your situation right now, looking for dating advice that they desperately need. We're here to help you figure it out with the dating advice for girls.
In our quest for true love, we meet several people. Finding that perfect someone can take time, energy, and above all, patience. If you've never dated before, that's perfectly all right.
The fact that you're here, means only one thing―you're looking for advice and not jumping into a relationship without thinking, which is great! Let's take you through some helpful tips on what to expect while in a relationship.

Dating Tips for Girls

Be Yourself

The most important thing in a relationship is to be yourself. Remember that for a relationship to last longer, you also need to accept your partner for who he is, and vice versa. 
Don't pretend to be someone you're not, because sooner or later you'll have to reveal your true colors. The prettiest thing you can carry is a smile, paired with confidence, basic grooming, self-respect, and manners.

Start with Friendship

It is believed that the foundation of every good relationship is a solid friendship. The possibility of knowing more than his guy friends is higher, since he will reveal a part of himself that they don't see.
While in the beginning he may not be upfront about his feelings, as his trust for you grows, he will eventually open up. The important thing to remember is to give him time; no guy likes to be rushed or pressured.

Possessiveness Kills

Suffocating a partner in a relationship through unreasonable measures of possessiveness, is not just hard to deal with along with life's other responsibilities, it's borderline creepy. 
It's not healthy to constantly bombard your partner with questions about his whereabouts, or complain about the time he spends with other people besides you―he needs his space, and if you don't give it to him, he'll walk away in a heartbeat. Take things slowly at first and learn how to let him be, especially if he does behave like a good boyfriend.

Sex: Don't Rush Into it

Guys are hardwired to feel physically inclined to engage in sexual relations with a girl, especially if he's already done it in the past. But that doesn't mean you give in to his demands just because you're dating him.
If you love him, it won't mean you love him any lesser if you withhold sex. You're a virgin and you need time; if he can't understand how you feel towards something as intimate as sex, he's not worth it. Also, sex should be performed while using protection, to avoid any complications that could ruin school or college life.

Trust Issues

Trust is the most important building block in a relationship. If that one block is unstable, a relationship could crumble to pieces in an instant. 
Because you've never given your heart to someone before, the thought of having to trust someone is daunting, even unsettling. The trick is to be alert at all times, taking note of little (or big) changes and mentally recording them. If they persist or get worse, speak to him first; jumping to conclusions will only drive him away.
If his behavior turns peculiar over time, then inquire about what's wrong through one of his friends. If he repeatedly changes plans made (especially at the last minute) with you, doesn't call or message as often, says he's busy all the time, or doesn't do certain things like he used to―that's your cue to turn suspicious.