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Dating Advice for Women

We all need guidance while dating, one time or another in our lives. So, here is an advice for women on dating which is not only easy to grasp, but also effective in a positive way.
Sheetal Mandora Feb 18, 2019
Everyone has their own understanding, and they work accordingly. Some feel that if they are aware of some dating tips and ideas, it will be productive. One can agree to this, but then people may have their own beliefs when it comes to dating (as discussed ahead). Since the topic is about giving dating advice, let's stick to one side of the dating scenario.

Important Tips to Remember

If you're looking for helpful advice for women, the task to categorize different personal situations can be difficult. We all have separate lives and are at different junctions.
Some of us may have just begun dating, some were married before and are now re-entering the dating scene at a later stage, and looking for specific advice since there are kids involved, etc. In that case, classifying each of these categorizes can become too in-depth and too confusing.
Hence, we will keep this as simple and less confusing. Dating is not rocket science, so why should we make it one? The advice is pretty simple. What women want in a man is a sense of security, love, compassion, and the desire to be with him. The only difference in all these is the age factor; and we don't believe that age can change or alter the advice.

Do ...

● aim at looking "gorgeous". Take a shower right before the date, wear a sexy/cute outfit, and don't forget to accessorize yourself. Knock him down with your killer looks.
● relax on your dates (initially) and try to have as much fun as possible. Even if you don't like certain activities like bowling, dancing, or anything else, don't get upset and ruin the date.
● talk, and make him talk about himself as well. You could be having great conversation topics, but what's the use if only one person is doing all the talking.
● pay him compliments. As much as we love compliments ladies, so do men. Even he must be as nervous as you are on the date. Make him feel relaxed around you and he will love that.
● have a positive outlook about things. Don't crib or complain about something excessively. We all like to be around people that are fun and easy to hang out with.
● be honest about things. That goes during and after the date. Let him know that if you're interested, you will call him. And if there isn't any spark between you two, don't keep him hanging.
● flirt with him, make eye contact; show him that you are interested. But also keep air of mystery around yourself (that can turn guys on like anything).

Don't ...

● drink too much or get drunk. It's a huge turn off and won't give him a good impression about yourself.
● call him immediately after the date is over. If you feel that the date went well but he still hasn't called you, call him yourself. Unfortunately, if he doesn't want a second date, let it be. Don't try and chase him or scare him off.
● jump into bed with him. Hold off on getting physically intimate with him till you get to know him a little. Don't jump into bed with a stranger and then regret it later on.
● flirt with other men while you're on a date with him. That's not cool (many women do that) and you really don't want to butcher your chances with this guy.
As we mentioned before, every individual has different requirements when it comes to dating. So, getting specific information and tips will only make the process (of dating) much simpler.