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Dating Advice for Women from Men

Arjun Kulkarni Nov 28, 2018
Single and looking for dating advice? Hear it from the horse's mouth, here are some dating advice for women from men.
So let us just start by saying that in this snippet on dating advice, we will not be a wee bit nice. Here are some cold, hard facts. In our opinion, what men want in a relationship cannot be subjected to euphemism.

Dating Advice For Women

Men Hate Nagging

In our opinion, this is the most important thing. Studies say that women use nagging to ensure if men do the work. But they do not do it only because they get angry with the nagging and questioning. So the best advice is to stop nagging! By simply hinting, once in a while, but fewer times overall, men will do the work with minimum fuss and loss of energy.

Men Hate Being Told What to Do

It is the way our brains have been programmed since ages. Men take their own decisions, so inter-mediation or value addition is mostly frowned upon.
For all who believe in: A woman behind every successful man, whispering advice in his ears, men hate listening! Better listeners may not mind, but normally view this value addition as nitpicking and frustrating.

Men Hate Women Who Ask Rhetorical Questions

There may be questions men hate answering. Do I look fat in this dress? Why don't you understand me? You don't care for me these days. You don't love me anymore. Men really hate listening to these things, because, well, there is no answer to the questions apart from no, sorry, no and no respectively. So do not ask questions that really corner men.

Men Like Being Pampered

Even more than women! A massage for you is equivalent to a nice 4 course home cooked dinner for men. It is all about degrees. Whoever said that men do not need to be pampered was totally wrong. They too like the attention. They too like gifts.

Men Like Smart Women

Men like smart independent women. More than her looks, it's about intellect and personality. They need clever talks at times rather than just gazing at her.

Men Like Interesting Women

When we sift through online dating profiles for women, we generally look for the humorous lot, the witty ones with a nice joke up their sleeve. So adding a touch of wit to your profile is one of the best methods.
Reading men is a terribly easy task, which any woman, even one with average intelligence, can do. All you need to do is keep your eyes open!