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The Ideal Dating Bucket List Everyone Should Make

Puja More Nov 30, 2018
Is dating only about romantic candlelight dinners? NO, it's a lot more than that. There are various cute dating ideas that you should try out while dating, because it not only can rejuvenate your relationship but can keep it young forever.

Take a Road Trip

Move out of your little castle and hit the street. Don't decide on a destination, just drive on some random road. That makes a road trip! Click pictures, move away from the city and change your routine for a day. Take turns at driving and enjoy the sojourn.

Make a “Date Night” Jar

Make chits or use Popsicle sticks to write different dating plans. Writing this together will be another excuse to spend time together, besides you will get to know each other's fantasies.
You can use this jar throughout your relationship and keep on adding new date plans. Use your imagination and make the plans a little creative. This way you are sure to cherish and reminiscence about the time spent together.

Get a Couples Massage

Pick a weekend to relax. Take a massage together. There can be nothing more soothing than relaxing with your partner. It's not just comforting but romantic too.

Plan a Trip

Create happy memories by planning trips to places you have never been to. Stay away from your cell phones, laptops, and work for a day or two. Give your partner undivided attention. Try it once, and you will feel like independent carefree birds.
If you can't take time off your busy schedule, then hunt down some hidden gems within your city or town where the two of you can unwind.

Go on Double Dates

Take a break from the usual couple dinner, find good double date partners among your friends and enjoy the meal with them. Listen to their silly experiences; share yours; chit-chat and have fun (you never know, you can learn something new from them!).

Play Games

Play some epic games when the two of you are at home. You can play a game like 20 questions to learn some new things about your partner.
Play tag or hide and seek, because there is no fun like chasing each other or looking for each other all around the house. You can ask riddles, enjoy pillow fights or tickling session, and even give each other silly challenges.

Go for Movies or Plays

Go for movies or plays. This is a timeless dating idea. If you are book lovers, then pick a book of mutual interest and start reading it together at the same time.
Play some soft music in the background, sit on your couch or in the balcony and enjoy reading the same book. Discuss the story and characters. Reading together will surely help strengthen the relationship.

Talk in Different Accents

Making small jokes will always keep your relation interesting and fresh. One way to do it is by talking in different accents. Choose an accent for a day or few hours and talk in that. Try not to laugh for some duration. But when you can't control it, roll down laughing.

Make a Time Capsule

Make a time capsule. Keep collecting memories from your trips or dinner dates, or things you have done all through the year, and open that magical jar of memories on each anniversary.
Do this every year and write the year on each jar. After 25 or 50 years of your marriage, when you see all these jars together, you will feel ecstatic about the life that you have spend with the person you love.

Create a Playlist of Your Relationship

Music has the power to express feelings in a rhythmic manner. Collect songs that describe both of you or tells the story of your relationship from the beginning.
Surprise him or her with these songs. Listen to them together by sharing the headphones or play it on your music player and dance to them. It's one of the romantic and playful ways to enjoy your time together.

Prepare a Candlelight Dinner at Home

Cooking, romance, and some fascinating conversation are the best ingredients for a great dinner date.
The food you cook together will taste best and the night your create with romance and intriguing talks becomes the best night ever. Light candles on your dinning table, turn off the lights and enjoy a memorable candlelight dinner. Can there be anything more romantic?

Build Blanket and Pillow Fort

You are too lazy to go out for the night? There is a solution to make the night exciting. Build a blanket and pillow fort. Enjoy the dinner under the fort while watching a movie. Spend the night in a different way to get a new experience.

Recreate Your First Date

We always have a desire to relive the happy times again. Give that happiness to your partner by recreating your first date or your best date ever. Recreate the scene (the location and the clothes you wear). Talk like you talked then with the same honesty, innocence and love.

Stay Up All Night

Stay up all night. Talk on the phone till dawn. Talk about the times before you met. Talk about your childhood and share the stupid things you have done. Let your partner know what kind of a kid you were.
If you are a married couple, then make coffee for the two of you, enjoy the cool breeze in the balcony or backyard. Or sit by the window and share a blanket, listening to some romantic music while enjoying the night sky.

Sing a Karaoke Duet

Go out with your friends for dinner and parties. Enjoy the night just like the old times. Sing duets on karaoke or dedicate songs to each other and sing them in front of everyone.

Redecorate Your House

There is no greater pleasure than decorating your own house. And when you do the same with your spouse, you are creating the best place to live.
You get to do the shopping, planning the placement of the stuff and also get a chance to do some mischievous things like to teasing your partner. It's teamwork with the best teammate.

Mail Each Other a Handwritten Letter

You know what is one of the most romantic things to do? It's expressing your feelings towards your partner.
Saying "I Love You" or telling him/her how much you love him never gets boring. Rather, a couple in love never gets enough of it. There is no better way of doing it than writing it in your own hand. Even hiding small notes in his pant/shirt pockets (or her purse) can turn his/her cheeks red.

Watch Sunrise and Sunset Together

The most scenic and romantic moments of the day are sunrise and sunset. Witness a sunset with your partner and adore the daylight fading in the crepuscule.
Wake up early in the morning, and take your date to the place from where you can see the night sinking and day rising simultaneously. The red-orange sky, early morning chirping birds, the dew, and cool breeze make a perfect moment to renew your commitment.

Go on a Beach Holiday

Go for a beach holiday. Take a stroll on the beach. Feel the water under your feet and the sand tickling it. Enjoy the peaceful time with the sound of the waves and wind. Then, watch the sunset, build a sand castle and talk for hours. So, that sets the date for summers.

Go on a Winter Holiday

Why sit indoors when its snowing? Pull out your overcoats and enjoy the snow. Walk in the snow, build a snowman, and indulge in a snowball fight. Chase, tag, and roll down in the snow. You can even go ice-skating.

Spend a Night Beside the Fire

Light a fire, open a bottle of wine, cook together, or order your favorite food and reconnect with your partner. If you don't have a fireplace at home, then use your backyard. Build a small campfire and it's done.
Music is the perfect compliment to romance, then why not use it. Play some romantic songs in the background and live the night.

Carve Your Names

Create everlasting imprints of your togetherness in your house as well as the surroundings. Step into the backyard and carve your names on trees there (don't practice this in a public place).

Create New Traditions

Set a new tradition by celebrating the anniversary on each month or going for a special date on the day you came together or met. Everyday is a celebration with the person you love, but you can still pick some special days and celebrate those in your own way.
There are many dating ideas which you can add to your bucket list, these are just a few of them. You can even create some innovative ideas of your own and surprise the person you love.