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Dating Dos and Don'ts

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Feb 18, 2019
Dating is not what it used to be couple of decades ago. People are more aware of what they want and have a clear picture of their companion. Read on to know more.
In the new era of dating, the rules are different. Today, it's all about the correct etiquette and style. For those who will be going on their first date and want to know the how to impress him/her, here are some guidelines to brush up your skills.

Online Rules of Dating

Recent Photos

Make sure you don't post inappropriate pictures on your dating profile. No one's interested in knowing your embarrassing moments. Paste the ones in which you can be seen properly. Don't click photos in which you're standing at least 500 yards away from the camera and your face is blurred.
Please don't upload your birthday pictures in which your face is covered with cake. If the guy/girl can't have a good look at you, then what's the use of creating the profile. Include recent photos in which you look happy and presentable.

Be Unique

Make sure you fill your profile with some unique information about yourself. 
Don't use repeated words such as goal-oriented, hard worker, sexy, hot, handsome, etc. Make a creative bio and use help if needed; don't list out qualities which you don't possess. You can also have a look at other profiles for help.

Be Impressive

After looking at your bio, most men and women might have preconceived notions about you. It's always recommended that you take time while filling up your profile and don't make spelling or grammar mistakes.

General Rules of Dating


● Make sure you control your excitement and nervousness before meeting your date.
● Engage in activities where both of you have a chance to talk. So it's always recommended to go out for dinners or a cup of coffee and after that for a long drive. Always remember conversation on the first date is very important.
● Give your date the utmost importance even if there's chaos around you. Pay attention to what he/she speaks and your date will feel more happy and comfortable in your company.
● Make sure you dress up decently, wear something which is suitable for the occasion.


● One of the most biggest turnoffs on the first date is talking about your previous relationships. Avoid that, you're just going to make the evening uncomfortable.
● Let your date talk too. Don't talk too much about yourself and your theories.
● Don't open up too much on your first date, then there's nothing to look forward too. Talk as much required, not too less and not too more.
● Don't stay out late on your first date. It could give a bad impression. If you really want to see him/her make sure you head home soon and also express if you would like to see him/her again.
Someitmes it is essential to follow certain guidelines if you want to your date to be successful and eventually blossom into something special.