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Dating Rules for Girls

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 1, 2018
Dating etiquette, which make a huge difference in making impressions, are often forgotten. Read on to know some dating rules for girls for a smooth romantic evening with your date.
Women enjoy dating just as much as men do, and even more in most cases. For a woman, dating accentuates the dormant femininity, while for some it strengthens the degenerated levels of confidence.
Some women see dating as way of exploring their sensual side, while a few perceive it as 'things to do this weekend'. Whatever may be the reasons for dating, it's evident that dating is inevitable. With all due respect to the strong intuitive side of women, knowing a few dating for girls can make your date very enjoyable.

How You Feel

The most important criteria of dating is your comfort. Feeling comfortable with your date not only adds to the pleasure, but also helps you in opening up and knowing your date better. If you are at ease with him, it translates into, he is a safe person to be with.

Dressing Up

A comfortable feeling is no reason for you to take him for granted. Dating rules for women emphasize that physical appearance play a huge part in casting impressions. 
You may be intelligent, artistic and everything-he-ever-wanted, but he is not going to notice you if you aren't dressed appropriately. As a first date etiquette, put a little more than a moment's thought into your date attire.

Lock Up Emotions

First date is a brilliant opportunity for you to make something substantial out of it. As a pragmatic first date advice, keep your emotional baggage locked up in a safety vault for now. 
Dropping your guard and indulging in an emotional outburst will either make you look foolish, or make you seem vulnerable. So drop it. Just be your happy self on the first date to keep him wanting for more.

Punctual Please!

You will find funny dating rules stating otherwise, as they believe getting late (just a bit) will keeping your date interested. It's not true. Punctual people understand the value of time and importantly, can treasure it. So be on time and show him the same. It will be well appreciated and will earn you a few brownie points too.

Be Lady Like

Chivalry is not really dead. So if he can be gentleman, you ought to reciprocate the same by being ladylike. Thanking him every time he holds the door for you or pulls out a chair for you, are small things that make a huge difference. And even if he acts otherwise, it's still recommended that you be a lady.

No Sex

The wine may make you a bit wobbly and his voice may be a slow sensual seduction. But NO! Getting intimate on the first date is a disaster.
An early plunge in his bed, is a sure shot way of ruining the potential next dates. And moreover, there is nothing brave is letting all the enigma out on the first date. Thus as safe dating tips, save the libido for a better time.

Letting Go

Know when to let go and give it up. If he doesn't call within three days, he's not interested. Trying calling him once. If there is no response, move on. First date is too early to start fantasizing future with him. He's not the one, because someone better is.
These were some of the first date rules for girls. Critics may think these dating rules for girls are old-fashioned. And yes, they are old-fashioned, which is why they are tried, tested and testified as successful. Try them to know where they get you, before you draw a judgment.
Lastly, dating is about meeting new people, finding new perspectives and enjoying. Do so to your heart's content!