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Stereotypical and Illogical Dating Rules That Should Not Exist

Suryasarathi Bhattacharya Dec 3, 2018
First, it is your date. You are on the hot-seat. Second, if it's strictly personal why be governed by rules created by some gafoons at some points of time from some corners of the world. What if these rules don't work and you miss out chance to be with your 'right' guy/girl. So do what you think is right!
When was the last time you went to a rooftop restaurant for your date? When was the last time you met someone who your friend referred as an ideal date? When was the last time you actually went through a rule-book to do something? Do you really go by any rules? Can you? Especially when you are seeking a life partner.
Not at least in today's 'Hi-smile-talk-goodbye-forget-repeat' age. Rather it's impractical to bind such energetic beings under dictum from some stereotypical rule book. It becomes hilarious when you try to create dating rules. Here are some of the many highly stupid and illogical dating rules which need to be discarded from human memory right away.

Being Subtle and Polite

We do understand how to talk to people, especially in today's actively social-network driven society. But, being unreal just because it is a date is so not okay.
We can have difference of opinions and we accept that. But just nodding or subduing ourselves so that the meetings continue is deep-dyed ridiculous. Speak your mind. If the other person is really sensible enough he/she would understand and react in a pragmatic manner. After all, they don't come from some other planet.

The Guy Pays the Bill

As chivalrous it might look in the gone eras, it has become misogynistic today. When we talk about women empowerment, we don't really mean 'give leverage to them just because they are women', but rather 'give them (too) what they deserve, just like you'.
Most (not all) of the professions don't practice disparity based on gender. How does it matter who pays the bill? Better talk about it frankly when the bill arrives. Sharing the bill is always the best option.

The 15 Minutes Deciding Factor

It is rather a long time ideal dating rule that has been an undeniable for ages. Just think over it again and you will see how lame you were all this while.
Can you really judge a person in just 15 minutes? If that was the case then the world would be full of likes of Sigmund Freud. People and their temperaments differ. All of us, including you, have our good and bad days. If you are really serious, take your time to think as you do for any other task.

Talking About Exes – A Taboo

If there's one thing that always stands above the rest, it is honesty. Be honest to your prospective life partner.
You wouldn't want to rake up old wounds in your happy future, would you? It is in fact better if you talk about your past relationships. You will get to know whether the person in front of you is comfortable with it or not. That would definitely help you in judging the person to some extent.

Discussing Work

It is not practically possible today that you don't discuss work. If at all you don't want to, you would be made to! Today, work has become a significant stake holder of the daily 24 hours.
Even if you try to avoid, especially on a date, your phone calls, message and e-mail alerts keep you on your toes. In fact it's better you do discuss work. At least, hear what the other person has to say on what you do professionally. Anyway, you aren't there to date someone who doesn't have anything to say.

Dressing Bold

Now there's a catch here! Be what you are. If you are a person who likes wearing provocative clothing, is into body grooming on a regular basis, likes to expose your assets, you would much rather do it on a date as well.
If the person thinks you are too slutty or lecherous, even better. You wouldn't want to be with a person who doesn't like you to wear your mind. Wear sexy and walk the 'walk' because you really don't give a damn.

Taking Your Date Home

Yes, that's possible and that doesn't always mean that you are getting down and dirty. You might want to be in silence and rather talk something serious- may be about a book, a movie or anything that is in trend.
After all, there can be two mature adults on a date who like to spend the night at one's home talking over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, than to hook up on the couch.

Be Assertive on Your Final Call

Be sure to tell the other person what you felt after the rendezvous. If things went jolly good, let them know and continue.
If not, then definitely be bold enough to let them know that you were looking for something else and this can't be stretched further. You mustn't waste their time keeping them misapprehended about your decision. It's okay if you think you couldn't decide on the very first date. If the other person isn't creepy, you might as well tell them that you need time.