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Dinner Date Ideas

Medha Godbole Nov 28, 2018
Having dinner with someone special is so much fun. But in our hectic schedule, it's becoming difficult to arrange for a special evening. Here are some easy ideas that you could try tonight.
In your daily grind you don't get to spend quality time with your partner or spouse. A quiet dinner is all it takes to feel a little bit closer to each other. Here are some simple ideas for dinner.

By the Sea

Nothing is more romantic than walking hand-in-hand on the beach. Pack some food, either home-made or ready-made, and dine on the beach. If that isn't possible, a riverside would do just as well. The moon and the stars will create the perfect ambiance.

On the Deck

If you have a patio or deck, then all you need is a barbecue grill. Set the grill up on your patio, yard, or deck. Cooking together is a great way to strengthen your bond.
If barbecue is not your thing, cook as you usually would, and then set a table out with candles and a rose in a vase, and you are all set for a nice cozy meal. Even two friends or siblings can really have a great time with this idea.

Takeaway and Drive-in Movie

Pick up some hamburgers and fries and then go to a drive-in theater and have a nice time there. It is not just a great idea for a romantic getaway, but also a good idea if you want to spend time with your best buddy, a sibling, or even your parents.

A Full House

Cook a special meal and turn down the lights. Set the table and illuminate the surroundings with candles. Put some soothing music on, and you are done. Remember that the food should be special.
A gourmet dish made with a splash of red wine, pasta, ravioli, or the likes will be just perfect. However, this one is better suited for a romantic evening rather than a dinner setting for a parent and child.

Starry Night

Put up a tent in your yard and have dinner inside. You can play good music in the background. For a more nostalgic evening, go to the place you first met your dining partner. Eat around that place and walk there under the stars. If that place was a restaurant or a cafe, you could simply eat there.
The same thing can be done if you are taking one of your parents or arranging a dinner for them. Ask them where they met for the first time or where they first had dinner together, and make arrangements for a special dinner for the two of them.