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Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

Do Guys Like Shy Girls? It's a Matter of Opinion and Circumstance

Do guys like shy girls who are towards the reclusive domain? Erm... no. Yes. May be. Can't say. Argh, relationships are perplexing. Perhaps, the following words could decipher what she left unsaid...
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Look, it's somewhat inappropriate for a female to lay it bare. However, as a woman, all I can say is, it's not hard to state that the mysteries of male mind are difficult to hound. At once, men may look like they are an open book, and right when this 'artifact' fixes itself in psyche of the opposite sex, they are a different, different species. I do not understand why is it us women that are saddled with the cuss word of being unpredictable and unperceived, when you've contradicted your own self by dropping your anchor on this page, looking for an all-inclusive answer to the bizarre affinities and inclinations men hold, for their own myriad reasons.
Men and relationships is an eccentric affair to prattle about. Guys, on one hand, may pick up a girl who is outgoing, more like the best-est buddy, and on the other hand, a girl, much of a recluse, might just steal their heart away. Eccentricity. Sheer eccentricity. However, clearing out that confusion in your mind today, following is an extract of my seasoning on actually what men want in a woman. Is it her gregariousness or her austerity? Candidacy or shyness? Scorn the curves, in case you find any.
Shy Girls or Outgoing?
From all I could think of, men, to a certain extent, would make up for both, for different reasons. To my construe, there are two facets to this aspect. On one hand, a guy may simply refuse to develop feelings for a shy and quiet girl, mostly because shy girls take a lot of time opening up - not that they do not open up at all. Girls who are timid may know what to speak, and what not to - they might be intelligent too, and may even be the Juliet of every guy's dream. But what's the use when she doesn't speak at all? When her timidity overpowers her tactility. When she likes you too, but cannot muster the guts to tell you.
Recently, a guy friend of mine started dating a girl. A girl who would do anything but put forth her views to people. When that bugged me, I happened to ask him, after dating a number of chicks, outgoing chicks to be precise, why would he go for such a girl? He smirked, and simply stated that, 'None of the girls I dated before was worthy enough to take home. I could not think of a future with any of them. This girl, on the other hand, may be an introvert, but is surely the perfect choice to be able to muse my parents.' I gasped, and had nothing else to say. It did astonish me, though, that girls who are coy, and not expressive at all, are often miscomprehended, when they too can get a guy down on his knees, and sometimes, in a way better than many others.
Let me just break it down. I, totally, disregard the fact that outgoing girls are not worthy of meeting a guy's parents. However, clich├ęd as it may sound, most guys think that way. A loose woman, a tomboy, and a total showboat may be a puh-fect gurl to party with, fag and booze with, go clubbing with. Guys might heavily appreciate the fact that the girl wraps up with shopping for Christmas on a day before, in just 30 minutes! What's more, when tantrums regarding extra calorie consumption on a dinner date, or those added hours in front of the mirror, infuriating the man to the core, are no more a part of the relationship, the man may not find a reason to complain.
Shy girls require time to build up trust upon. It might just strike you that if she doesn't show it, she doesn't feel it at all. She might possess the same feelings as you, but she might take many a moon to say it. Personally speaking, had I been a guy, and had I been asked if I like them, I'd have no qualms in nodding head. She might trail off while speaking. She might even not let you develop physical feelings for her, initially. She might even hate you for being pushy. But if you understand her silence, she'll understand your words.
That sufferer in silence, with mind too difficult to read, just not possible to take case of or give a hard time to, might not subscribe to the yardsticks you've set for your dream girl. Even guys are shy, and take a while to open up. However, for both the sexes, it's not a difficult thing to do. Guys love shy girls, and I can tell you from personal blisters, that all you need is love to coax the shyness out of the shell. If you're a female reading this write-up, and are way too shy, I'd only say that it's okay to be not one of those 'blabbering' lassies. It's alright to stand there alone, talking less, sharing less. However, when destructive waves rear their ugly heads, you need to tell it all to someone, mustering all the self-esteem you forgot you even owned once. There are guys who like the way you are. Who would vouch on your timidity more than anyone else will. Who would love that you're reserved. Who would acknowledge your faint heart. Only, if you allow them to.