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Does He Like You Quiz

Are you desperately trying to figure out what is his heart, and whether he likes you, or if he wishes to be just friends? Read this, and take the quiz to find out.
Sheetal Mandora Feb 28, 2019
For most men, expressing their true feelings can be a difficult task. Which means, you may not be understanding the things they say or do around you, in order to get your attention. So take this test, and find out what he's really trying to say, without having to say something straightaway.

The Quiz

Whenever you two meet, how does he greet you? What does he do specifically?

1. He gives me a big, beautiful smile and says, "Hhhiiiii!"
2. Greets nicely and just says, "Hey."
3. He looks at me, says "Hi", and then leaves
4. He pretends to look at me and says, "Hey", sometimes
You're hanging out alone, or with friends. Does he take any opportunity to tease or flirt with you?

1. He flirts sometimes but not when everyone is paying attention
2. He teases but can get rude sometimes
3. Not always; only when some begins to tease me, then he joins in
4. We have never spoken to one another
Whenever you two meet, has he ever complimented on your dress, hair, or eyes?

1. Many times. He always mentions when I change my hairstyle or dress differently
2. Sometimes, but only when my friends do
3. Not always
4. No, he never compliments me
Let's say you sit next to him during lunch, in office, or while out with friends. He ...

1. talks to me nicely, and tries to strike up a conversation
2. looks at me, smiles, and excuses himself to move away
3. looks at me, but moves away without saying anything
4. doesn't even look at me, and moves away
If you happen to ask him a question, what and how does he generally reply?

1. Looks at me, replies, and if I still didn't get it, takes his time to explain again
2. He replies and goes back to what he was doing
3. Doesn't look at me when he replies and says something which I can't seem to understand
4. He simply looks at me, says "I don't know", and walks away
You're walking, have bunch of stuff in your hands, and accidentally drop some stuff. If he's around, he ...

1. comes close to me, and helps me gather all my stuff together; sometimes offers to help carry it as well
2. helps pick up the stuff from the floor
3. looks at me, takes a brief pause, and walks away
4. doesn't realize I dropped something on the floor
Do you ever get a feeling or has he ever told you that he likes some other girl?

1. He doesn't like anyone, and I know this for a fact
2. He had a girlfriend but they broke up; he hangouts with me now
3. He never talks about all these things; he keeps it to himself
4. I think he showed interest in _______

The Results

Following are the results of the quiz you just took. Depending on the majority of 1, 2, 3, or 4, find your individual results.

Mostly 1's

If you have answered majority of 1's, then you're in lucky sweetheart. He's definitely hooked onto you, and is interested. All you have to do is wait for his signal to proceed forward. Or better yet, why don't you ask him out on a date? Who knows, that's what he's waiting for.

Mostly 2's

If you have answered majority of 2's, then he thinks of you as a good friend. You can definitely change his perception by giving him some flirtatious signals of your own. If he responds, perhaps then he might know that you want to be more than just friends.

Mostly 3's

If you have answered majority of 3's, the message is very unclear here. He may or may not be looking at you in "more than a friend" light. You could wait a little longer to get some concrete signals from him or try asking his friends about what he actually thinks of you.

Mostly 4's

If you have answered majority of 4's, then unfortunately, he doesn't even know you have any feelings for you. Perhaps he hasn't noticed you as a friend or is just preoccupied with something or someone else. Better luck next time.
Love can be tricky but when you have a rational thinking combined with some helpful advice, you can be with the man you like/love. Don't just look at this quiz as a means to attract a guy or win him. If you genuinely believe that he is the one, or is somehow showing you the signs of being interested, then pursuing this emotion won't be the worse thing ever.