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Double Date Ideas

Try Some of These Double Date Ideas, They are Not So Bad

People who are dating someone always look for some exciting and fun things to do. Here are some cool double date ideas on how you can try different stuff to make your time more enjoyable.
Mubasherin Sayed
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Double dating is quite common, especially in high school students, though not limited to teenagers. People like to spend time with their loved ones as well as their friends by going on a double date. It is a good idea if your friend wants to introduce you to his/her new boyfriend or girlfriend. You can really have lots of fun on these dates and try out interesting new things which you have not tried before with your partner, ultimately bringing you both more close. There is no dearth of activities that couples can enjoy together. Let us have a look at some sporty ideas for double dates.
Bonfire is always a popular activity, and if it is a double date, it can be intimate as well. Sing your favorite songs, dance, or have a nice talk. You can also play some interesting games, like dumb charades, making the night more fun. You can try to make it more of a musical night. The guys can play bongo drums while the girls dance or play a romantic tune on the guitar. The moment will be perfect when you play the guitar and your girl sings a romantic number complementing your tune. How about preparing a delicious barbecue with the bonfire set up at a beach? Relaxing with yummy food on a cool starry night under the moonlight could be very romantic. It is really important that you savor time with your partner personally, even though it is a double date. Well, there are many things you can do. Customize your dating plan with some creative ideas, and think of something exciting and innovative which none of you will ever forget.
If you want an exciting as well as romantic date, bowling could be great. Watch your guys admire you while you play. They will definitely love the idea. You can have a competition with the other couple to see who scores more points. You can either play or cheer for your guys, and then see the glow on their faces and the enthusiasm with which they will play. You will find yourself more closer to each other by the end of this date.
Watching a movie together is one of the simplest and best double dates. Go for a movie which everyone would like to watch, or else you might find the others sleeping when you turn your head to say "good movie". Munch on some yummy cheese popcorn and enjoy the movie together. You can also opt to watch a movie at home, which will be more informal and cozy. Prepare some popcorn and snacks. You can spend a lazy afternoon in this relaxing and fun way.
Dinner at Home
Prepare dinner at home, decide the menu in advance, and do not hesitate to experiment with new dishes. One couple can go shopping for the necessary ingredients and set the table, while the other can prepare the dinner. You can also make it a candlelight dinner. Get some champagne to make it perfect.
Water Park
People wanting to try something adventurous, specially during summer, can go for a water park date. It is real fun to go on the exciting rides with your partner. It is a mixture of romance, excitement, and thrill. You will definitely cherish this date for a lifetime.
There are many tips and etiquette that one needs to follow while going on a date with another couple. Staring at your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend, no matter how good looking they are, will not only leave a bad impression about you, but can also harm your relationship. You might lose your friend and partner at the same time, or maybe they will never again trust you the way they always did. Thus, it is your responsibility to behave well. Having fun definitely does not mean behaving in any way without thinking.
Do try out the ideas mentioned above, and if possible, come up with some of your own. Take pictures to capture the moments so that you can cherish them later on. Have fun!
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