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Engraved Promise Rings

Gaynor Borade Sep 29, 2018
Promise rings, also known as heirlooms symbolize exactly what their name suggests. They are engraved with a special message to consistently remind your friend or your to-be-spouse about a promise made.
A promise ring is part of the ornamental jewelry range that is worn around the ring finger. They are worn by both men and women, and are made from any metal or material. They are easily accessible online and offline in a range of materials such as metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, glass and bone. 
They are either worn plain or with engravings that flaunt a name, message, or secret symbol. They could be engraved with gemstones, too. 
They come in a variety of shapes such as the regular bands, half-round or D-shaped, sleeved set with tube rivets, solitaire bands with special centerpieces, eternity rings set with stones around a channel setting, trinity or three-integrated, and/or cluster rings.
Promise finger loops are worn in remembrance of a solemn promise. They could be flaunted as a prelude to marriage as engagement rings or as memoirs of a deep, platonic relationship. These rings are worn and named after a verbal commitment made to take a relationship to a higher plane of understanding.

Ideas for Engraved Promise Rings

Celtic Design Engraved Promise Ring

'Eternally Yours' Engraved Promise Ring

Infinity Symbol Engraved Promise Ring

'From Here to Eternity' Engraved Promise Ring

Etched Promise Rings

An engraved promise ring is also called a friendship ring. It is given to commemorate a special relationship, romantic or otherwise. On a prenuptial front, the ring signifies a commitment to a monogamous relationship.
It could either be a precursor to an engagement ring, in the case of a love marriage, or one worn after the formal engagement, in the case of an arranged marriage. Though the ring can be worn on any finger, the preferred option is the left ring finger.
The reason behind the ring being worn on the fourth finger of the left hand is the popular belief that the finger is home to the vena amoris or 'vein of love', a vein that extends all the way to the heart.
The engravings could be the eternal heart symbol or any friendship symbols, such as the Celtic knot or interlocked fingers. Heart engravings popularly symbolize love. A promise ring could also be engraved to highlight secret symbols that could be decoded only by the recipient, or a small 'I Love You' or 'From Here To Eternity' message.
These engraved rings solemnize a proposal or formal agreement. Today, there is a whole fashion jewelry range that caters to the demands for these rings. They can be bought in royal metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, which soon become family heirlooms and investments, or cheaper materials that become priceless collectibles with every passing year.
Matching promise bands can now be selected for both the recipient and the person gifting the ornamental jewelry, to flaunt the same design. The prices vary considerably depending on the materials used. The design, use of gemstones, and the cost of engraving all add to the final cost price.
When investing in engraved promise bands made from the royal metals or real gemstones, it is important to check out:

Carat weight
Color intensity
Clarity and cut
Genuineness of the jeweler
The engraving could be further customized to meet stylistic preferences to manage the cost aspect. Engraved finger bands could be bought as part of a bridal set or individually. There are designs in which the engraved message is spread over both rings, so that when they are assembled together, and the message or symbol becomes complete. 
You could include a personal message to your spouse, or create a one-of-a-kind engraved ring with a message that can only be deciphered by you and your special friend. The secrecy actually ignites renewed faith and conformity to the relationship.
Engravings could also include a line from a poem or favorite song or a special, meaningful date. Such a ring is the best way to commemorate a special understanding.