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Exciting Things to do With Your Boyfriend

Neha Joshi Mar 25, 2019
Do you think boredom is killing your relationship? Try one of these exciting things to do with your boyfriend every weekend to get spontaneity back in your relationship.
It's very important that we bring in a few exciting things into the relationship every now and then. A little bit of fun keeps the relationship alive and the partners, high-spirited. These exciting things also keep the interest in each other alive and the love keeps growing. Let's see our options?

Things You Can Do

Hit the Road

One of the best things you can do is go for a road trip. Just select a destination, pack a few clothes, and you're ready to go. Hire a bike or a car if you don't have one and just ride/drive away.
A spontaneous decision is not only exciting at times, but also a lot of fun. Plan nothing; let time and place surprise both of you.

Drinking Games

This is another idea that usually turns exciting later on ... if you know what it means. There are days when you really want to do something and it just doesn't happen. No place to go and you wouldn't prefer the crowd anyway.
To do something exciting then, just get a few bottles of your favorite liquor and start drinking with your boyfriend. In the process, event a few drinking games and play them together.

Adventure Sports

Indulge in rock climbing, zorbing, paragliding, river crossing, etc. Spend a day with your boyfriend at such an adventure sport park. Instead of an individual effort, choose something that you both can do together.

Learn Something New

If none of the given options seem to interest you, this one surely will. Both of you can learn something new together. Take him along for those salsa classes or learn a new martial art.
Enroll yourselves in weekend hobby classes. Who said hobby classes were only for children? Learning a new musical instrument together is also an option.

Never Before

Another option is to do something you have never done before. Hit the nightclubs and stay there till the sun comes up. Visit the casino and make sure you gamble a lot (not till you're bankrupt, of course!).
Light up some candles and have that romantic dinner with beautiful music and wine. Let the night then continue with more excitement coming your way.
Now that you know these exciting things, what are you waiting for? Break some rules, have some fun.