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9 Sloppy Excuses Most People Give About Being Single

9 Excuses People Give About Being Single
Singles may even find the word 'Relationship Status' biased, because it has still got the word 'relationship' in it. Ask them why they do not wish to mingle, and they would give you the best excuses for being single.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
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Grass is always greener on the Single side. - People Think
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This is one of the best excuses for being single. The 'I-like-my-own-company' kinds most often say this. They mean they like to stay alone because they prefer themselves over others, for all possible reasons one can think of.
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Some 'reasons to be single' simply sound escapist, like when they say everyone they would have loved to be with are either married or in a relationship. Duh!
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The real culprit behind these escapist excuses could probably be human psychology. And singles even admit to it, when they talk about the extent of freedom they enjoy being single. They go by their rules, do whatever, whenever, as they please. They are not answerable to anyone for anything.
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This excuse for being single works the best for those who are total workaholics. And people tend to believe them too. But after all an excuse is an excuse!
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No commitment is a corollary of singlehood. So, singles boast of it as the most official excuse for being single. Or, on the contrary they might say that they have 'commitment issues', and ward off the questioning heads.
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I am still trying to find myself, is their favorite line (intended that they do not wish to and cannot handle one more soul attempting self-discovery). One of the 'psychological' sounding reasons, which embraces singledom for finding oneself.
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Simple - lesser the people, lesser the load! This goes for the laundry and any other chores too.
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This may sound like a funny excuse, but it is very true for some Casanovas. As they believe, being single allows you to see someone as you please, without your conscience constantly pulling you back from it just because you're already in a relationship.
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This conclusive one should probably top the list. Easy way to shrug off and close the discussion about singlehood. Don't think of it as a funny excuse for being single, because when people say this, it means they are still looking for that significant other, which lets you hope it happens soon.