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Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 26, 2018
Falling in love with your best friend, is one of those rarest chance to live your life to the fullest. However, you will need a little effort from your end to get this priceless love of a best friend.
There is no set formula for falling in love. You just do. Often times, you will find people who say, that falling in love with your best friend will ruin your friendship. Seriously, this lot knows nothing about love. Look at Chandler and Monica. They were the best of friends and the best of lovers, and to remain so forever and forever.
Love has many facets. It starts with an all-consuming emotion, and keeps transforming into jealousy, guilt, hatred, anger, comfort, convenience, fondness, struggles, contentment, satisfaction, understanding, care, and lasting friendships.
But, if you have found a friend first, there is no reason why it cannot change into love. After all, these things never follow an order, and that's the beauty of it.

Know it Well

Being in love may be many things, but it's definitely not a fool's play. For some it's a mere infatuation, which fades away with time.
If you really see your future with your best friend, you need to know if you are in love with him or her, or is it just some evanescent attraction. Know your feeling well, by analyzing your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards your best friend.

Find Out

You may have all the love in the world for this person. But what about the love in return? To take the existing relationship to the next stage, you need to find out what does your best friend feel about you.
A little are the best way of finding this out. If your best friend responds to your flirtations, then it is a sure sign of interest. If these do not work, then think of having an heart-to-heart talk about the situation.

Understanding Needs

Falling in love is a lot easier than being in love with your best friend. For the two to cohere, it is important that you first understand the difference. We often take our best friends for granted in a lot of ways.
Between the best of friends, a lot of things go unsaid and unnoticed, forgiveness is easy amongst best friends, and the bond is way stronger than any other relationship. That's the reason why the old adage, 'friends are forever', holds true for every true friendship on this planet.
However, with an added romantic angle you need to view each other with a slight difference. Romantic needs, such as physical intimacy, attention, and romance will be overwhelming.
If you want a future, you need to understand, that there has to be a clear communication, honesty, accountability, and responsibility towards each other, more than ever. So, if that is handled maturely, with time, everything else will definitely fall into place.
At the end of it all, what matters is what makes you happy. Even if your best friend, does not feel the same, be honest and convey your feelings to your friend. Sometimes, a person's feelings can change, after knowing the situation in its full truth.