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Reasons Behind the Fear of Commitment in Men

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 22, 2018
Fear of commitment in men can be due to various reasons. Understanding them and considering your guy's perspective, is the key to have a strong, committed, and healthy relationship. Here's how...
Your dilemma is quite clearly understood, if you've looked an answer to the commitment fear men show. Although you want to be with him for the rest of your lives, he is driving you mad with his commitment issues. Men are a little too carefree in thought, which becomes the underlying reason for backing out.
The psychology of this fear of commitment works a little differently for men as compared to woman. Let's see what is the undercurrent of a man's psyche when it comes to making a real commitment.

One Woman Syndrome

Men, although in a relationship, check out other women and envisage a equations. It's in their nature, so it's natural, and there is no reason why you should be feeling sorry for yourself if your guy does so. Men are also, to some extent, bigamous. This makes them explore their craving for sexual variety.
If he commits, he will have to cut out all his sexual options, and have only one for the rest of his life. There is also a probability of sexual boredom in a relationship, which can drive men away.
Hence, the thought of being with only one woman for the rest of their lives if what scares men. If you can keep up with your man's sexual appetite, then, with time, he will be able to deal with his commitment issues.

Incapacity to Provide

Commitment phobic men may feel the incapacity to provide. A man by nature is the provider, possessor and the protector. If by some stroke of bad luck, your guy, begins to think on the lines of being incapable to provide for your needs and the needs of the family, he may take a step back from commitment, which may create a serious rift in your relationship.
Under such circumstances, he may feel like a loser. If you really love him, encourage and motivate him to climb up the ladder of success, and positively challenge him to do better than what he did yesterday. Pat his back or push him a little, as needed. Men often take the easier way out, but it's a woman's job to knock some maturity into them.

Loss of Freedom

Commitment to men means, no more 'boys night out', no more 'late night drinking sessions', and basically, no more doing the things that they want to do. For them, freedom means, never washing their socks, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, returning home at ungodly hours, and living as though there is no tomorrow.
When a woman walks into a man's life, all of this suddenly changes into disciplined living, which makes him feel smothered. Thus, you've got to understand his space and freedom, before making a move. A move in haste can seriously irk his phobia of committing to a relationship.

Devastating Experience

The fear of commitment may can also arise from a devastating experience. Some incident, personally experienced or closely witnessed, may have left some strong psychological scars on his mind.
Broken hearts take time to heal, and it often requires a lot of grit and gumption to be with someone all over again. Communication can help ensure that you're in a healthy relationship, which will in turn help him overcome this difficulty in the relationship.
Some signs of fearing commitment may include distancing from partners, avoiding talks, and exhibiting unusual mood swings. Fear of commitment in men takes time to evaluate and resolve. The only key, to getting pass this stage is talking things out. Understand, your man's perspective towards commitment and help him see the brighter side of life.