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Fear of Commitment in Relationships

Charlie S Sep 29, 2018
Fear of commitment in relationships is seen in both men and women. Read on to know why this phobia comes about and what one can do about it.
The commitment phobia that is observed in many men and women across the world can be due to various reasons. It is a general belief that this fear is more common in men than women.
Till date, many relationship experts have put forth their views on the psychology of this phobia in both the genders in different ways. Let us discuss the personality traits of commitment phobic men and women in detail in the next few paragraphs.

Why do People Fear to Commit?

Bad Experiences of the Past

Bad experiences of the past is one of the major reasons for why a fear of commitment can arise in both men and women. When a relationship does not work, many people lose faith over the concepts of love, togetherness, and compromise.
People become self-centered and think only about their personal well-being rather than caring about others. Fear of committing to a new relationship after going through a divorce is very high among both the sexes.
This phobia generates many questions in the minds of divorced people about the success of their new relationship. Most of the time, a break-up is accompanied by a lot of emotional stress and people are not wiling to go through this phase again by committing to someone again. 
A relationship can stand tall only on the pillars of trust, but trusting anyone after a bad experience naturally becomes difficult.

Loss of Personal Freedom

Loss of individual or personal freedom is also one of the prime reasons for commitment phobia to develop. Every individual these days wants to secure his/her personal interests and well-being before thinking of others.
People are not willing to make a compromise and they love to live their life on their own terms. They do not want others to dictate the terms to them or have any sort of control over their decisions and behavior.
Committing to a relationship, according to many people, is like inviting trouble without any reason and an opportunity for the other person to interfere in their way of living. So, many men and women seem to remain just good friends with the people whom they admire instead of getting into a committed relationship.

Having an Inferiority Complex

Having an inferiority complex is also a major reason for why people, both men and women, have a commitment phobia.
Many times, even though a person loves and admires someone, they do not express their feelings openly and confidently as they think that they would not be able to satisfy all the needs of the other person.
Many people have a doubt over their ability to meet the financial needs of the person whom they love, while some others are worried about what would the other person think when he/she comes to know about their bad habits, offenses, or anything which they are not comfortable sharing with others.

Flirtatious Nature

A person with a flirtatious nature is always afraid of committing to any sort of relationship. The reason is that he/she is not at all interested in a long-term meaningful relationship and is just temporarily attracted to someone.
The day such people find someone else, they just stop interacting with their current love interest and start communicating with the new person in their life. By not committing to anyone in any way, these people want to ensure that there is no problem while ending a relationship and they can easily do what they wish.
Millions of people in this world have this phobia of commitment in relationships. So, while choosing a life partner, it is advisable to read the mind of the person properly and understand his/her intentions early on to avoid any sort of trouble later.