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Etiquette You Must Follow to Make Your First Date Memorable

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 3, 2018
It is difficult think of things to talk about or do on a first date. Moreover, anticipation of the questions can be quite petrifying. A little study and understanding of first date etiquette can help you overcome these fears.
And you thought the tough part was done...Asking your crush out is not half as tough as going on a first date. The first date is the first time you spend long hours with that special someone. It's probably the first and the last chance you'd get to make the first impression.
They say, 'first impression is the last impression'. And you have a certain time limit to make it right. Both men and women, need to follow a set first date etiquette as a matter of courtesy.
It's but natural to be in confounded state of mind at the thought of going on a date with a complete stranger or someone you've been introduced to recently. Nonetheless, the key is to relax and be normal, and enjoy a levelheaded conversation with your date.

Etiquette to Follow on Your First Date


Simplicity is sophistication. And this is what most first-time daters forget while dressing up for the event. Your dress code for the first date depends on what you will be doing on your first date.
If your first date is a casual Sunday brunch, then a summer dress or a cocktail dress is best suited for the occasion. On the other hand, if your first date is a formal dinner at a swanky restaurant, then the quintessential little black dress will never go wrong.
The same applies for men who are confused about first date dressing sense. Lastly, don't compromise on comfort while getting ready for a romantic first date.


Other than dressing, your personal grooming habits say a lot about you. Chipped nails, frayed hair and chapped lips aren't going to help you make a good impression.
If you really want the outcome of the first date to be substantial, a manicure and pedicure are some strong recommendations. A trip to a parlor will restore your radiant beauty for even more beautiful time ahead. 
Dear men, pricking beard, disheveled hair, and the odor of sweat are a complete disaster. Clean up well before you head out for a date and put in little more than a moment's thought as you get ready for your first date.


Don't be late! There is not other way to put it. The first date is about spending time together. Getting late for a date is only going to waste time that you could spent together. Just as you would like your date to respect your time, your date would appreciate the same too.


Your first date is all about making an impression and charming your date. Acts of chivalry like holding the door for her, pulling out a chair, dropping her off, thanking him or respecting the boundaries of table manners never go out of fashion.
Always remember to thank your date as he drops you off for a lovely time you spent together (even if you haven't, still thank). Lastly, it would be a nice idea to keep your alcohol intake in check.


As it is the first date, there can be few awkward moments. Besides the inevitable, keep the conversations light. Avoid talking about problems at workplaces, political viewpoints and in general subjects that can get you into a heated argument. 
Talking about interests, hobbies, ambitions and dreams are more like first date conversation topics that people must stick to.
Towards the end of the first date, a kiss seems like the perfect ending. But not so, if your date is uncomfortable. Kissing is a personal choice and a mutual decision. Take your call with your partner's assent and then go for it.
The etiquette for the first date remains the same for both, men and women. Your first date can be a doorway for a second date. So, think before you act.