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How to Get Free Marriage Counseling

Medha Godbole Apr 16, 2019
Marriage counseling, however important it may seem, isn't always affordable. At such times, you can opt for other ways to seek advice, which are always free.
Making a marriage work is no mean feat. It's about being together through thick and thin. It means to mutually share rock-solid support and unconditional love. But, in the end, we're humans, and we have our flaws. We make mistakes, a few that damage our relationships long term. A marriage sees many mistakes, it can take some and it can't take the rest.
If you are, as a couple, finding it difficult to cope up with marital issues, seeking counseling is a great idea. And guess what? Whether you believe it or not, you can get counseling for free.

Support Groups

There are many couples who have felt the financial pinch of hiring a marriage counselor. To help other couples in need, today, there are support groups everywhere around the world. Search for local support groups and seek help. In return, you won't only get free counseling, but also some friends who are confronting similar issues.

Articles and Books

Reading books and articles online can help you and your partner solve many of your problems. Several counselors have their own blogs, websites, and forums. Read through all this material, available to you at no cost. Try to incorporate the tips mentioned here in your life and see how it helps.
Talk to your spouse and do this as a joint couple activity.

Workshops and Seminars

The probability of a counselor holding a seminar or a workshop just when you need counseling is really low. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for these offers on counseling websites, magazines, etc. Sometimes, as a marketing strategy, a new website or magazine might introduce a free seminar.

Other Options

Talk to your church's minister for guidance. Also, certain religious texts have advice on marital problems. As a last resort, talk to your family members about your problems. They will be biased, but getting a few more perspectives isn't bad after all.
In the end, at the risk of sounding cliché, when there's a will, there's a way. The bottom line is whether you want your marriage to work. If yes, then both of you, as a couple, have to be receptive to change. Both of you need to mutually agree on certain conditions to make the marriage work.