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French Pet Names

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 26, 2018
Looking for some interesting French per names for your lover? Tap through to have a look at the most interesting among all of them.
Name is the most important part of an individual's personality. Names is what differentiates me from you. You can be any Tom, Dick, or Harry, but it helps recognize you as an individual entity in a crowd. Similarly, pet names are used by us to call our beloved by a name that shoes affection and makes the person belong only to you.

Names for Those in Love

People play with words and come up with unique names for their significant other. You too can try some interesting names for your partner. French language is the language of romance and you can try some cute French pet names for lovers. The French men love to use mon chou (my cabbage) as a cute name for girlfriend.
He may even use ma biche (my doe), ma puce (my flea), ma poule (my little chicken), or ma petite caille (my little quail) for you. The girls on the other hand can use mon gros loup (my big wolf) or even mon lapin (my rabbit), mon coeur (my heart), mon amour (my love), or cherie (darling) for their boyfriends.

Names and their Meanings in English

  • Mon Minou (My kitty)
  • Très jolie (Very nice)
  • Fraise (Strawberry)
  • Cygne (Swan)
  • Chouchoute (Pet, Darling)
  • La peach (The peach)
  • Le petit baby (The little baby)
  • Mignon (Cute)
  • Un petit pois (A pea)
  • Bien-aimé (Sweetheart)
  • Citrouille (Pumpkin)
  • Écureuil (Squirrel)
  • Géniale (Great)
  • Mon Nuage (My cloud)
  • Passionnante (Exciting)
  • Cocorico ("Cock-d-doodle-doo")
  • Moustique (Mosquito)
  • Mon moineau (My sparrow)
  • Mon capitaine (My captain)
  • Têtue (Stubborn)
  • Mon Roi (My king)
  • Mon Reine (My queen)
  • Mec (Dude)
  • Baguette (My loaf bread)
  • Voler (Fly)
  • Requin Shark
  • Toc Toc (Knock Knock)
  • Beau (Handsome)
  • Frais (Cool)
  • Chaton (Kitten)
  • Calme (Calm, quiet)
  • Bonne (Good)
  • Mon Américaine (My American)
  • Belle (Beautiful)
  • Brune (Brown-haired)
  • Chat (Cat)
  • Chef (Chief)
  • Sombre (Dark)
  • Pamplemousse (Grapefruit)
You can try using ma petite aubergine (my little eggplant) or even call your partner, Mon petit boutchou (my little boutchou), Mon boubou (my bubu), Mon château (my castle), Mon trésor (my treasure). You can even try whispering some romantic French phrases like J'ai tellement envie de toi (I so want you) in your partners ears.
These were some cute names for boyfriends or girlfriends. If you have not yet found the perfect one, then come up with something original that not only sounds cute, but ignites the romance between you two.