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Funny Nicknames

See how easily you can find and give funny nicknames to guys and girls. The article has a list of wacky nicknames that might come in handy while you're thinking about the same. Read on to find out more...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Growing up, our families, mostly parents and friends tend to award us with nicknames. A slight alteration to our names where Melissa becomes Mel or Lisa and Edward becomes Ed or Eddie. Fortunately or unfortunately, I never got a nickname that I could wear it proudly (kinda feel sad about that). But the fact of the matter is, there are no rules that state you can't give people funny names or stir things up a bit. If you wish to give one to your friends, family members, or colleagues a new nickname, and hope that it sticks, encourage other people to adopt it as well. And if they sometimes forget to do so, just remind them about while using that nickname in a sentence. For example:
Carla: Hey, has anyone seen Gavin today?
You: No, I don't think Goober's come in yet.
As time flies, everyone will start to catch on the new nickname's trend and use it themselves without you having to remind them. Plus, another major criteria for any nickname to stay on forever, do not change it. Any changes while giving people witty nicknames can become a fatal error, and who knows, might just be forgotten. So let's get on with finding meaningful for guys and girls.
Choosing Funny/Witty Nicknames for Girls
I believe giving funny and cute nicknames to girls is an easy task. There are so many names to choose from and basically, any nickname you select, it will work really well. You can inspire yourself by cutting their names in short, choosing the first or second half of their names, or alter it completely. That depends entirely up to you. And to help you make the decision, take a look at the table below for invigorate your creativity.
Ali Ame-Ame Azra
Alemae Ayomi Addie
Aggy Addie Arry
Bea Beebird Birdie
Bertie Boo-Boo Baba
Babykinz Bambi Bambina
Candybar Candy Pants Care Bear
Cheeku Cheesy Cheese Pie
Cicilia Chekeez Cookie
Dee-Dee Doedoll Dollface
Dorki Duchess Delladee
Dilly Dortha Dolly
Essie Eva-Eve Eggroll
Em-Milly Emma Wemma Eledora
Fire fly Fishie Flower
Fluffer Fruity Freesia
Frou Frou Freckles Fluffnut
Gogo gums Giggles Gorda
Goddess Gogo doll Gabby
Gertie Gerry Gatsy
Henny Hankie Hallie
Honey bee Honey bite Honey bear
Honey Dew Honey Poo Honeybird
Ina Issy Ibby
Izzie Igloo Iris
Ivy Isla Isle
Jelly Jello Jaybird
Jelly Bean Jelly Belly Joli
Jolly Boo Jellytot Jiggly
Krankie Kella Kiki
Keemirah Kuchu Kelliza
Kitty Kat Kitty Kamakazi
Liver Lex Lala
Ladybug Lardash Lexie
Love Buck Lovebutt Love Muffin
Mandy Maddy Mi Amor
Mithi Monkey MooPoo
Mojiboo Muffin Mushi
Nosey Noorie Nubie
Noonie Neera Neesa
Nelle Nelia Nibby
Pru Popsicle Pippa
Puffy Panda PB & J
Pickle Pickle Pie Pinky
Roni Reeya Radar
Roza Rainbow Ribbon
Revie Rum-Rum Rhino
Sniffer Shorts Sprinkles
Squirt Stinky Snuggles
Squinty Slimmy Spicy
Tallie Tally Tofu
Tansy Tator Tot Teddy Weddy
Teddy Bear Tubby Tootsie
Choosing Funny/Witty Nicknames for Guys
For guys, this could be a tricky one. You don't want to scare them by giving a "girlie" name that might just embarrass them in public. Depending on your relationship with this guy, coming up with wacky nicknames which others can use as well can take a while. So while you're thinking of certain funny nicknames for guys, take a look at the list mentioned below.
  • Aaron ~ Arie or Aaro
  • Barry ~ Bear or Baby Bear
  • Cedric ~ Ceddie or Rico
  • Donald ~ Donny or Donno
  • Edmond ~ Mandy or Edmo
  • Felix ~ Fellie, Lixie or Fel
  • Gabriel ~ Gabby or Gaber
  • Harry ~ Ray-Ray or Harro
  • Irvin ~ Irr, Vino or Irrie
  • Jack ~ Jacko or Jacker
  • Kyle ~ Kale or Keelie
  • Lance ~ Lane, Lacie or Ancie
  • Marcus ~ Marky or Macer
  • Nathan ~ Nato or Thony
  • Oliver ~ Ollie or Ogel
  • Pierce ~ Pie or Percy
  • Quin ~ Queenie or Quirky
  • Ross ~ Rosa or Saucy
  • Shawn ~ Shady or Sean Jean
  • Tyler ~ Tie-Tie or T-Bag
  • Udolf ~ Udie, Dolfie or Rudolf
  • Victor ~ Vicky or Torry
  • Walter ~ Wallie
  • Zachary ~ Zack-Zack or Zacky Wacky
There you have it. Tons of funny pet names to choose from and preferably changing someone's name and persona with them as well. Have fun while giving these nicknames to whoever is going to be your next target. But before I end this article, all I'd like to say is that don't be mean with the names too. You don't want to give someone an embarrassing nickname that he/she isn't too keen on. So if that nickname is hurting or upsetting them, try to find something that will sounds appealing to everyone (especially the person whose name you're going to change).