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Games for Couples

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 16, 2019
Sitting at home can get quite boring, especially when you have nothing to do. Read on for some interesting that couples can play, to spice up the lazy Sundays and mundane evenings.
Scorching heat can absolutely ruin your weekend. It's impossible to head out to a beach or shopping in an air conditioned mall. Staying indoors is the only viable option, when the sun outside threatens your every activity. A downpour too can mess your romantic time together. You can't go out, and staying in, gets too boring.
You may find lots of fun things to do when you are bored. However, they too get monotonous after a while. If you are a couple and are forced to stay at home, due to the non-cooperative weather conditions, here are a few games to revive the romance.

Romantic Clues

This game is similar to a treasure hunt. To play this game, write a few romantic clues for your partner and hide in places that are not so difficult to find. At finding every clue your partner gets a package such as a massage lotion, which will lead to the next clue, like an essential oil and so on.
You can make countless variations of clues in this game, depending on what you want the end to be (as in this case would be a massage)! Finally, when your partner finds the last clue, he/she is rewarded to an act of love. Now decide what that would be!

Truth or Dare

A quintessential game of truth or dare is great fun. Try the naughty truth or dare questions and dare ideas to make the evening worth remembering.

Party Scrabble

Rules of scrabble can be changed to suit your way. For a party scrabble, couples will be allowed to make only romantic words, to send across messages to each other. You can also make a variation of 'Sexy Scrabble' with a little dirty talking or spelling out!
This variation would be absolute fun once the party is over and you lie in front of the fire place with glasses of wine. Game on!

Messages on Back

Fun games don't always need an apparatus. All you need is a little imagination. This is one of the cheapest (as it does not require any material) game. Begin with writing romantic or intimate words on her back and then progress to writing messages. Ask for a favor if she fails to construe them correctly. The favor can be the message she could not understand.
In more ways than one, playing games, helps in building companionship. It teaches couples to be a team and to support each other. If small values as these are absorbed by couples through these games, it will only make the relationship stronger and better.