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Get a Girl to Like You in Middle School

Sheetal Mandora Apr 16, 2019
Love and affection for someone other than yourself is pure and true. Here are tips on how you can get a girl to like you, even if you're just in the middle school yet.
Middle school, although is a bit early to be thinking about girls; but who can make the heart listen, right? It just wants to get close to the object of our affection, and wants it to happen now.

How to Approach Girls in Middle School

Let's get some facts about girls clear. They don't like boys who are mean, unhygienic, dishonest, rude, and selfish. Boys who only think about themselves will never be able to keep a girl happy, and that's a fact. You can speak to your big brother/sister or dad for more advice. Considering their experience, they can definitely help you with this.

How You Should Proceed

Form a Friendship

Although it's too early to be talking about forming a romantic relationship with her, settle for a friendship first. This is where you will make a strong foundation, be her 'go to' guy. Girls, no matter what age they are, won't openly talk about flirting and about their deep thoughts and stuff with boys. She will take her time in getting to know you first.
She will first understand what kind of a person you are, can you be her friend, can she rely on you, and most of all, are you being honest with her or hiding some things. As you spend more and more time with her, and have conversations about anything you two like, she will notice you. That's when you find an opportunity to say what's in your heart.

Compliment Her

First, you need to show her that you notice her, how she dresses, talks, etc. Girls love it when you compliment them on their hair, eyes, clothes, and laugh. Well, girls like it when you compliment them on anything they do, say, or wear. It's a girl thing, and trust me boys, you will score some good points with her if you follow this tip.


Again, too young to know about how to flirt like a pro, but we shall try. If the girl likes you, then even she has thought about how to flirt with you. And if that's the case, then half your work is done.
Now in your case, flirting means giving her one of your heartbreaking smile, keeping a flower on her chair when she comes to school, getting her a can of soda when there's a huge line at the vending machine, and walking her to the car or school bus. It's sweet things like these that makes you get noticed. She will love it and never forget it.

Be You... All the Way

You can't win someone's heart pretending to be anyone other than you. She wants to get to know you better, not a fake person. If she sees for who you really are, she will get attracted, no doubts about that. And pretending to be someone else will only get further away from the girl you like.
If you're confused as about how to know if a girl likes you, then see it in her eyes, her conversations, her mannerisms. She will love it when you talk to her, a sweet smile on her face will reveal itself, and that's you cue to know that she likes you for who you really are.
As you spend more time with her, you will see the difference in your friendship. And when that happens, nothing else is left than to say what you feel.