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Getting Him to Commit to You

Neha Joshi Mar 14, 2019
He says he loves you. You don't doubt that, you can see it for yourself. But he refuses to commit. Why?
The reasons are plenty. He may see no point in it, he may think he's not ready, he may even think he's not in love (though you know he is). From not being old enough to the golden excuse of not being compatible, he may give you reasons that are plenty.
Before you lose your mind in all this confusion, understand one thing―you need to take things slowly. Use these tips to make him want to commit to you.


Show Him You Care

Show him how much you care for him and how it troubles you to not know what and how he is doing. Keep checking up on him every few hours―and not every hour―just to make sure he is doing fine.
Always ask him if there is anything he needs or requires. Tell him that he can always rely on you, no matter what the problem is or what situation he's in.

Show Him The Love

Show him how beautiful the relationship you both share is. Tell him how lucky you both are to be a part of this special companionship and how difficult it would be for you to not be with him.
Show him how you both complete each other and how incomplete both of you would be if this relationship has to end. If there is fear of commitment, you will indirectly help him fight it. Always talk about the good times that you both have shared.

Show Him The Passion

Every relationship requires immense passion from both the sides. Only with unconditional love can there be passion that adds life to the relationship. Show him how passionate he is towards everything in the relationship and how he tries hard to keep it going.
Don't forget a small mention of your efforts too. Show him how the love you'll share is alive in spite of a busy schedule that hardly gives both of you any time.

Show Him The Companionship

He needs to understand how far you guys have come and how little time it took for you guys to fall in love and be at it for so long. Remind him of all the ups and downs that you'll have shared and been through, together.
Show him how you guys have overturned mountains of problems just because you'll had each other. Also mention, how difficult it would be, had you'll not been together through these issues.

Show Him The Connect

Being together, companionship, and even the friendship you'll share is very important when we talk about commitment; but what is more important, is the connect. It is very difficult to connect to a person even if you're in love with him/her.
A connect is this special string of thoughts and emotions that is felt even when not expressed with words. If you mention the importance of this to him, he will understand that this relationship now requires the commitment it deserves.
Another option is to talk it out with him. Tell him how important a commitment is to you and how both of you have reached a stage where you'll can take the relationship further. Best of Luck!